How To Make Money On Facebook & Twitter Updating Your Status

I will be enlighten us on some kind of important topic that
will blow your mind about  Facebook. Ideally so many people believe that facebook
is a place to socialize and meet new friends which they are correct about it.
Atleast with facebook app install on your Android, blackberry, iPhone/iPad you
can keep yourself all day busy.

There is so many secrets a lot of people don’t know about
facebook aside of socially networking people and advertising. I know your
eyeballs are already fastened to your device screen to read what’s going to be
Relax, and follow me carefully because I’ll unveil a secret
to you reading this tutorial right away on how to make money on Facebook
without having a site. Instead of you busy updating your status every second,
you can be busy making money every seconds.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you have read this
post on increasing your facebook likes whenever you make a post on fb and I’m
glad  you can now get atleast  50
likes on every of your status updates
How Can I Make Money On Twitter And  Facebook?
There are so many ways of Earning on twitter & facebook but I’ll only
share one because I don’t want this tutorial to be too long.  is one
of the growing advertising company in Nigeria, they allow bloggers to earn
money via ads placement. But if you are not a blogger but you have facebook
account or twitter account, you can make hell of money from what I’m about to
show you.
Sign up to (once that is
done, login to your account)
Click on social media promoter
Click on Social Ads
You’ll see Facebook and Twitter social network. This
means that you can tweet the advertisers ads on your twitter or facebook account.
This is the gist, if you have a twitter account or facebook
account, copy those links like this 
 and paste it on your wall or status update then
expect your friends to do the magic of clicking and watch your earning grow
with time.
Mind you the higher your friends on FB or twitter, the
higher your earnings.
At the end of the month, your accumulated earnings will be
sent to you. There is more to Facebook and Twitter than just updating your status and expecting people to like it or drop their opinion about what they think but I’ll stop
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24 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Facebook & Twitter Updating Your Status”

  1. Thanks Yomi….but Please That Etisalat Cheat For ucweb Is Not Working….but The One For Opera Is Working Fine…using It To Download A Video Right Now……Thanks

    • Don't mind them. is not a scam, but some people who are using their ads on their blog do click on the ads themselves which warrant to ban them. But it is not a scam at allllll

    • Sorry for not replying you on time, it is still working. You can use the settings below:

      Opera7.0,7.1handler: Front Query:
      Proxy type: REAL HOST Proxy Server: OR

      For Ucweb Handler:: Front Query: proxy type: REAL HOST proxy server: IP: u can use diz as ip in all Port: 80 APN:Etisalat.

    • I don't think you are right bro, maybe your friends break their rule.. My friend collected 8k from his earning last month. Though i'm not a blogger but from what i saw, they are good atleast for Nigerians

  2. thanks yomi superb you duing good man
    plase keep it up
    I from india and I am read your blog
    my english is not very well but I read thanks for this
    and post some indian tips and tricks

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