Twitter rolls out Experimental App Twttr, Apply here

If you are a lover of Twitter, then you will love to try out new features before rolling out to the public.

Not so long ago, Twitter announced prototype of its new beta app “Twttr” to some selected user which lets testers try out new features and provide feedback.

Twttr is the original name of the social network. It offers more experimental space apart from the existing service, where they can try out different features, gain feedback from testers and develop new features.

Easier to read, understand, and join conversations

According to the company, this prototype program will try to make conversations easier to find and join the conversation. Right now, users can apply to join the program on Twitter’s site. Once registered, they will get an email within a few weeks about their status.

Once you are chosen, you’ll be asked to use twttr as your primary Twitter app in which you’ll be require to post a screenshot of new features using the hashtag #LetsHaveAConvo

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