Beware Of Fraudsters On Facebook – Keep Your Online ID Secure

Good morning friends, I guess we are all enjoying the DC-unlocked software well? To those who are still unable to unlock theirs, don’t
worry that much because I will seek out an alternative way of unlocking your
stubborn modem.
It just came to my notice earlier this morning that some fraudsters
on Facebook are using someone identity to defraud some other people which is
very bad. What even baffles me mostly is that they use your image, identity to conduct a fraudulent activity on Facebook, and most people are not even aware of it.  Well this is how  the
fraudsters  work:

They will munch your profile picture, use the same username
with you on Facebook and then send friend request to your friends on Facebook.  Thereafter, they can now perform their
fraudulent activities.

friend request to your friends. Your friends in
other word, will  think it’s you who is sent them friend request.

It’s very important you keep your online identity safe and
secured. You never can tell who is tracing you friends. Though i have written a post on this before but a  lots  of individual are not aware  of the reasons why you must keep your online identity secured.
How To Prevent Such From Happening To You
Hide all your friends from appearing on your
recent activity like Comment and wall post
friends from tagging you with out your approval.
To learn how to do all of these, visit this link
Please do not hesitate to ask questions where you seem to be confuse.
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6 thoughts on “Beware Of Fraudsters On Facebook – Keep Your Online ID Secure”

  1. I got thesam message last night from a friend. a friend asked me last night if i sent her another friend request on facebook. i don't know who did! the person has my profile picture on the cloned account!
    This is getting serious ooo.. Yomi i will check that post out.

  2. Dont be annoyed prof. differnt topic.. I had succesfuly invited 5 member in mi rippln acc.,so wats next(how do i move to de next level).

  3. plz yomi i jst wnt 2 knw if one can stil activate magic sim cos it seems it has stop if not plz tel me d procedure again plz i beg u


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