3 Steps On How To Stop Stalkers From Stalking You On Facebook

I didn’t intend to write a post on this but your identity online is
paramount to your online safety.  There
are some people whose work an Facebook is just to keep stalking you. To my
greatest surprise, I commented on a post and immediately Facebook reported it
to my friends that ‘Yomi commented on a ..’. I pursed a bit and ask my self
this question, must Facebook report everything I do to my friends? Before I
could finish answering that question, another female friend of mind sent me a
message saying ‘who is Bosilo again ooo’! Meaning Facebook report every
activity I do to the public without my notice. In order to keep my self secured
from stalkers, I had to do the following. I hid all my friends in away that
only me can see the numbers of friends I have; I hide my activity logs

(Comments, likes, etc); I equally stop friends from tagging me. You know, it is
so annoying seeing so many people tagging you on some irrelevant pictures like
(p**nograhic stuffs like that); I deactivated all those nonsense applications
from posting on my behalf.
Today I will teach you:
1. How to hide your friends on your timeline
2. Hide recent activity like Comment and wall post
3. Stop friends from tagging you.
To hide your facebook friends list from your timeline,
– Go to your profile
-Click on your friends list

-On the next page, click the ‘Edit’ button at the
top right, and choose Edit Privacy
-From your edit privacy, follow as shown in the
screen shot below, click on ‘Only Me’ from the drop down menu.
That’s all. You can then  check if your friends list is invisible to
your friends and public, go to your profile – activity log – view as one of
your friends.

How To Stop People From Tagging You On

can be so annoying sometimes, most expecially if it contain some explicit
content. The funniest aspect of this is that once someone tag you in their
post, all your friends and your friend friends will see the picture you are tag
in on their timeline. Well, if you are like me and you want to restrict how
they tag you of face book, follow this simple steps below:

Click on Account settings (Change who can see your
future post to ‘Friends’)

Click on Timeline and tagging

Set your Timeline tagging settings to aline to the
image below:


By following the above settings, no applications can
post on your behalf, you now have full total control of what it’s being
displayed on your timeline. 
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