Get Free 700MB Daily From Mtn

Now you will appreciate the value of having multiple Mtn Sim
cards. No long stories, just dash straight to the point. Follow the below steps
to get free 700MB  from your MTN sim.
==>Dial *662*6# and subscribe for
all the plan you see there i.e from jumia to easy taxy (monthly trial) each
monthly trial you subscribe to gives you 100mb and they are 7 in numbers…giving you
700MB in total
==> The 700mb can only work with this site
Meaning that aside of the above
site, it won’t work.
==>So if you already have Simple
server, open it or download it here
==>Same thing goes with openvpn
or download the ovpn here and config file here
==>Open it and replace anywhere
you see  or with 

For PC users, download SS.exe here; and  set your browser to manual proxy to port 8080 (don’t forget to replace anywhere you see with

Finally, this 700mb will only allow you once for a life time since its trial; so if you have more sims, keep repeating the same process to keep enjoying free 700MB.

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117 thoughts on “Get Free 700MB Daily From Mtn”

    • That is why you need to download ss or open vpn so that you can use it with any other site. By default, it's channel to work only with Jumia

  1. plz, for d openVPN after downloading d config file n saving it in my openVPN. when I clicked on it in openVPN it was asking for password. plz what's d password.

  2. Prof thanks for reviewing my site the other time, i applied for adsense four days ago and copy a link from my adsense dashboard to my site and have been expecting message from Google but what i saw yesterday was that their ads just start showing on my blog and the red bar message on my adsense dashboard that indicate that my application is under reviewing has also gone. Please does that mean my blog has receive approval or will i still receive message because i want to remove the Html code from my site as i still prefer mobofree affiliate to google adsense right now. Thanks

    • Congratulation friend, you've just been approved. Google will still send you an approval message later. Login to ur dashboard and create an ads size suitable for your site. Please don't click on the ads urself ooooooo or higher ur friends to help u click on it if not your acct will be blocked.

      Adsense is gol; those who have been applying for over a year now will tell you what I mean. Adsense pays you more than Moboaffiliate. But you can run the 2.

  3. Good morning prof. I'm about to get a BB10 phone, preferably Z10, can you suggest the best subscription plan(s) to use, I'm not conversant with the available plans. Thanks.

    • The best affordable subscription plan to use on bb10 is Glo Comonth for 1k that gives u 3gb per month. That's d best for now among all the network.

    • I have already pasted d link to download open vpn. Just replace anywhr u see wit it's working or use ur simple server

  4. I tried everything possible but my android ss isn't connecting to work with other sites. It's only that opens.

    I changed everything to as u said. A place had proxy of port 8080. I guess that's ok. On my phone I'm using normal mtn apn with proxy I even tried changing it to but in all nothing worked. Only opening. Where did i go wrong biko

    Set your apn to
    proxy: port:8080
    powers all your apps.

    Listen port='8080'

    Proxy Host=''

    Proxy Port='8080'

    Enable Proxy='YES'

    Injection Method='GET'

    Injection Query=''

    Injection Host=''

    Injection line='4'

    Enable Injection='YES'

    Buffer Size='8092'

    Log Level='DEBUG'

    With d settings above it will be connected and allow u to surf other site. Nice work Yoomi

  6. I don't too comment on this site but I just needed to add to this post.
    If yours is no more working dail this codes again *662*6*1*2# or *662*6*1*1# to migrate to other plans and enjoy thesame 700MB.
    By doing this, you simply jail break the 700MB on one sim.

  7. Prof baba, u didnt explain how we android users can enjoy this thing….Please explain for we android users,or anybody using this on his/her android should please reply me with an explanation.!!Thanks

    • It seems you've been approved. Did you apply for adsense b4? Login to ur dashboard and copy your ads code, paste it on ur site perhaps it will display ads code. Prof have more to say on this.

      ……………….. Etisalat Staff

  8. Guys…..confirmed!!! IIts700mb everyday
    Just resubsribe for d same plan u were previously subscribed to….itll tell u dat u re already on it…..try to browse using ur ss or open vpn nd u regood to go
    Pls note!!!its only afta 24hrs oooo…nd subscribe for d packages one at a time…..else u will b only limited to 100mb if u subscribe for d whole plans together

  9. You don't need to port host at all, one host is enough for all.
    I wonder why some persons are still finding it difficult to configure.
    openvpn seems to be d best here cos it powers all applications better than ss and proxydroid; and openvpn is more stable than ss and faster… work with it while it last!

  10. Prof i have an idea about people having problems with it not powering up all apps on pc. What i actually want to say is that you should talk about Proxifier atleast once and any tweak regerding local host you can then link back to previous post to power all apps. Hope this helped.

  11. Plz prof, am using this on my android, but when I connect it to my system via hotspot, it just shows "connected, no internet access". How do I make it to start browsing???
    Thanks for your usual reply.

  12. yomi pls help o, i got this message when i applied for adsense, what should i do?
    Insufficient content: To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are about.

  13. pls yomi my mtn line is in plus, wen i try to subcribe 4 d jumia tin, mtn is tellin me to subcribe to postpond plan or prepaid plan wat should i do

  14. Yomi is there simple server or open VPN than will enable me use this on windows phone? And how long will this last since its only for trials is it till it been exhausted?

  15. Those that are enjoying this thing please give us the secret..I tried both approach on SIM with money and they just sapped all my money while browsing.. I later used SIM without money..the simple server connected but the downloaded and uploaded stuffs were showing very little bytes,hence I could not even open ordinary Google home page after more than 5 minutes while that of the open vpn refused to connect writing "resolving host names " but connected without problem on the SIM with money..Pls help out, I followed all the procedures written here including changing phone MTN apn to, do I have to do anything with the ss. Ini file? I'm using android Gionee P2 phone,though rooted initially with framaroot but after changing the rom like a month ago, it's now saying the phone isn't rooted anymore even tho I tried to reroot with framaroot and it said it's successful but root checker app says otherwise when I reboot the phone.

  16. U guys shld open d file dat came along with simple server,i tink its an ini file….well jst open it and any wer u see replace wit

    How to connect:
    click connect on ur modem
    den open simple server,wen it shows READY
    then u can surf….
    Thanks to yomi prof…..ITS Chucks..

  17. For those of you still finding it hard to browse with the 700mb trial on android using simple server & open vpn. Follow these simple steps :
    1: download opera / uc browser handler(any version) for your android (java & symbian phone users are also included)
    2: use the mtn default configurations
    3: then configure your opera / ucweb handler as follows changing only the front query & host
    front query
    proxy type : select real host or host
    proxy server :

    prof can as well modify the post for you guys . . . . .thank me later

    zicoboy cares

  18. @Everyone, the 700mb is only ment' for one day i.e for 24hrs. So I'll advice, subscribe for one and once you exhaust the first 100mb, sub for the other package. It's still works and it has not been blocked. If you are using Symbian or java phones, just download opera handler or uc browser handler. I've already included the settings in this on of the comment here.

    Also, just like what Bona9ja said, if you've exhaust your own plan, dial *662*6*1*1# to renew your plans. it still works and fast for android, pc, iphone and symbian phones. Cheers.

    And to all who has been contributing to this post, I sincerely appreciate you guys.

  19. I av exhausted all 700mb I dialled dat code to renew d plan it says* sorry u do not have enough balance* so pls do I av to load a particular amount to renew it?

    • My brother sorry of the mistake I made earlier, that code was and error, it doesn't work, if you have exhausted the 700Mb, subscribe for the 25Mb for all the plans if you finish the 25Mb, subscribe for 5Mb for all the plans. If you finish the 5Mb hmm just get a new mtn sim and keep rocking, I just finished downloading mc5.

  20. for unlimited browsing and downloading on mtn follow me on twitter @segzy01 and yes mtn is still rocking,big thanks to yomiprof

  21. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Those that are enjoying this thing in android please give us the
    secret..I tried both approach the simple server
    connected but the downloaded and uploaded stuffs
    were showing very little bytes,hence I could not even
    open ordinary Google home page after more than 5
    minutes while that of the open vpn refused to
    connect writing "resolving host names " but
    connected without problem on the SIM with
    money..Pls help out, I followed all the procedures
    written here including changing phone MTN apn to Plzzzzzzzzz brodaly


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