How to Get Free MTN 250MB Unlimited

Don’t dull yourself; you can
always get free 250MB from MTN Nigeria. It all boils down to the power of imei
tweaking. I know a lot of you are not new to IMEI tweaking, so if you’ve got a
free MTN Sim, you can always rock this with the simple procedures below.  From Infinix zero to infinix hot, now it is

Gobe is when you try to tweak your IMEI and it says “command is not
allowed in userbuild”
or you can’t find CDS information.

How Can I
Activate MTN GB?

==> Get a new sim or use an
existing sim, but migrate to True talk by dialing *400#
==> Tweak your MTN sim1 IMEI
using the first  867648010. If
you are new to this IMEI tweaking, Click here to see how to tweak your IMEI
==>Go to and choose imei analyzer
==>Add 5 digits of your choice and imei analyzer will generate the check digit for you. Once you are done generating, tweak it to your phone. Should in case you don’t know how to tweak it to your phone, Click here

Restart Your phone or switch to
Airplane Mode for 10secs…
==> Send NOKIA to 131
==>After You have been granted
the 250mb, dial *559# and see the miracle sleeping in your device.

NOTE: The more You tweak your imei,
the more your MB accumulates…. So don’t dull yourself… bobo’s are not smiling.
Don’t starve your device of data anymore.

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33 thoughts on “How to Get Free MTN 250MB Unlimited”

  1. prof. yomi ,l got my 7" phone android bricked ,unfortunately, its a non removable battery, there's no way l cud boot to cmw recovery mode to restore the backups stock ROM. please what do I do.

    • Fortunately enought, you can still enter recovery mode regardless of the kind of battery your device carry(s).

      Usually you can boot into recovery mode by:
      ==>Turn off you device.
      ==>Then, reboot by pressing the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
      ==>Keep the buttons pressed for a short while – a few seconds – and then release the same.
      ==>The recovery mode menu should be displayed.
      ==>Note: on Samsung branded devices the recovery mode can be entered by pressing the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time.

      Or Alternatively,
      How to Enter Recovery Mode
      1. On this method you will have to use ADB, so the Android SDK and Fastboot must be installed on your computer.
      2. After installing the required tools (the one mentioned above) connect your device with the computer.
      3. Use the USB cable for establishing the connection.
      4. Then, on your computer navigate to the folder where Fastboot and Android SDK is installed.
      5. There open a Command Prompt window.
      6. For cmd: press Shift key on your PC + Right-click anywhere in the folder and choose “Open Command Prompt”.
      7. Then, in the cmd window enter: “adb reboot recovery”.
      8. Your smartphone / tablet will be automatically rebooted in recovery mode.


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