MTN Introduces New SmartPhone Data Plan – 4.5GB For #2,500

I don’t know if MTN is trying to tell us that they’ve introduce
Android data plan but I really don’t want to draw conclusion on this. Some couples
of days ago, MTN posted on their twitter page as part of their surprise for the season introducing a Special Smartphone Plan.

This plan gives you 4.5GB for N2,500. Though it is somehow
related to the old Night plan and I know some of you will already conclude that
its the same MTN Night Plan package but it’s not the same.
According to them, 1.5GB is meant’ for the day while 3.GB is
meant’ for the night. I.e from 6:01 am to 8:59pm, you’ll be using 1.5GB; while
form 9pm to 6am it switches to 3GB.
What’s The Different Between This New Plan & Formal Night

==>For this new plan, you can use 1.5GB during the day while from 9:00Pm
to 6am, the data charges  switches automatically
to that of 3GB. In order words, you won’t be charged from your 1.5GB bonus
during the night period but will be charged from the normal 3GB data.
==>While for the normal Night plan, you must first consume your bonus 1.5GB during the day or night
before MTN will start charging you from the default 3GB.
==>You activate this plan by sending 120 while you activate Night plan by sending 102.

How Do I activate this offer?

==>Load your phone with 
==>send 120 to 131 and it will be activated for you.
Does it Work on All Smartphone and PC?
Yes, it works on all smartphone and PC.
The question now is, will you rather go for this new Mtn
smartphone plan or rather you’ll stick to Mtn third party data reseller giving
you 1GB for #1,200, 2GB for #2,300 compared to 4.5GB for #2,500? Android users
don suffer…
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74 thoughts on “MTN Introduces New SmartPhone Data Plan – 4.5GB For #2,500”

  1. //==>You activate this plan by sending 102 while you activate Night plan by sending 120.
    How Do I activate this offer?

    ==>Load your phone with #2,500
    ==>send 120 to 131 and it will be activated for you.//

    Contradiction! Please clarify.

  2. Yomi i hv a prob with my pc…any tym i click/select on any icon/folder/file..a dialogue box appears sayin "preparin 2 recycle" or ask wether 2 delect d item…i appears many tyms on d screen…i hv scanned bt no virus..wt do i do

    • Do this,
      Make sure you are logged in as an administrator, then go control panel>> User account and family safety>>User account>^Manage other account>> Create a new account and assign to d new account Admin privileged.

      Once you've created the account, logunt and restart your system. Once ur system restart, login to the new account you just created and repeat thesame process as above but click on DELETE Account but keep all your files. Please don't forget to click on "keep all ur files". It will delete ur old account but keep all the files you hv dir on ur new account. And you problem will be solved.
      You won't loose any document.

  3. Pls Prof av asked about this earlier but u avnt replied.Pls how do I use glo N1000-3gb on my Modem….I really need to download something important on my pc and I don't av much…Pls explain d process in detail.Thanx

    • If it is infinite zero 16GB, I've had alot of complain that RootGenius is not working. But I've got a rooting kits with me, my only delay now is uploading it cos is somehow large. But be patient, I'll upload it with step by step approach about it.

  4. Good morning prof, is it in anyway possible to change sony xperia imei to that of a blackberry? And if yes, how do I go about it or a link to direct me on how to go about it. Thanx

  5. Tried to subscribe for airtel 4gb for 2000 2months, told me m nt qualified. Before i bought d card it stil told me insufficient balance o.. My card is lying fallow. Prof pls help me

  6. Peace be on u Sir Prof.. I hurriedly off my bbq10 because of rain. And I on it without using the camera to face myself. Since then the phone refused to boot. Please I will do anything to see my phone boot. Thanks.

    • Once you are sure your Glo BIS is activated on your device, just navigate to your mobile hotspot, set your password and username>>>turn it on… then navigate to your pc and turn on your wifi, it will detect your phone hotspot, just click on connect.

  7. I really don't know if MTN is secretly trying to discourage/ put an end to the third party data resell stuff permanently.

    As Nobody with the right mind and sense will Go for the third party data when having this as an option. But still this one is still in no way favourable just about 2inch better, if I must put it that way.

    Lets just hope that sometime near there will be a way for making this work both day and night.

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    My blog==>
    My mail is [email protected]. Thank you

    • Your blog is okay, just add Share this widget to your sidebar so that your readers can easily share your post on social media.
      Also read more about LInkJuice.

    • You don't need any extensive tutorial for rooting your P5. Just download Framaroot here

      Run and install it on your phone
      Click on SuperSU
      Click on boromir
      and you should get a success message. restart your phone and verify if it is properly rooted by download rootchecker from playstore. thats all!

    • Go to playstore, download mobile uncle, run it, first of all back up your imei from mobile uncle tool before d rest (it's very important u back up) click on Engineering mode (mtk)>>Select Engineer mode[MTK]
      Go to CDS information
      Select Radio Information

      Click on phone 2
      follow the rest procedures here
      Just scroll down to the AT +EMGR=1,10"new_imei"

  8. Prof, pls do you have anyone you can recommend that can help change my LG G3 imei with octopus box. I'm within Lagos. You can alert me via mobile 08038911038. I'll really appreciate

    • Jennifer, you have an excellent entertainment site. The look and feel of your site is okay and can easily be navigated.

      However, You need to have Facebook like button so that your friends can like your post on facebook in turning bringing more traffic to ur site

      Add twitter handle to ur site too. Another thing you should knw is dir are some top entertainment blog in ur niche, try and add them to ur blogroll and ask dem to add you too to dir blog roll. What makes blogging sweet is when you have readers who read ur content.

    • Normal tool cant change ur imei but I'll advice you work straight to any computer village closer to ur location and specificly tell dem you want to swap ur imei, Deyll do it for you but make sure you back up ur original imei before swaping ur imei

    DataSize | Bank/Recharge Card

    1GB | –N1,000/ N1,200

    2GB | –N2,000/ N2,200

    3GB | –N3,000/ N3,300

    5GB | –N4,000/ N4,400

    10GB | –N8,500/ N9,000



    pin -7E4BDEC4 .

  10. Prof I tried to subscribe for this data plan, but it keeps giving me replies that I'm on an existing plan ( 325MB @ N1300 )..pls how do I cancel this current subscription to enable me apply .?

  11. Yes am serious and i called customer care.dey said i can't browse during d day as av exhaust d daily. Am seriously looking for a way out on my iphone. Pls help


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