Best Cheapest Data Plan For All SmartPhones/PC in February

If you are not using glo overload then you are in for a long
thing. It’s either you as a glo fan is on the overload plan or your are on the
underload plan. This awoof actually ‘no dey run belle’.
What actually make a smart phone usable is not the ability
to use it in making calls alone but also in surfing the net. Everybody want a
cheaper data plan and that’s what I’m going to present to you this very hour.

Glo: I need not say much on these because even someone
without a Smartphone knows that  Glo
rocks, overload rocks, Blackberry BIS rocks. Now read carefully. If you are
unable to change your device IMEI to Blackberry IMEI, then I suggest fully you
use the Glo overload plan. best data plan
Do you know that you can get…

4.5GB for N2,500

2.5GB for N2,000

12GB for N5,000
You too compare this with other network and tell me whats
up. Glo overload lets you enjoy 400% bonus on recharges of N200 and above, as
well as 200% bonus on purchase of all data plans of N2,000 and above.
How Can I Get This Plan?

==>Dial *200#, its free.
==>Dial *127*58# or send 58 to 127, to get 4.5Gb for
==>Dial *127*55# to get 2.5GB data
==>Dial *127*11# to get 12GB data.
These plans work on iPhone/iPad, BB10, Android, Window
, Nokia and for PC users.
Airtel: I don’t know if people still use Airtel to surf on
their device aside of blackberry phone but I’m still using it on my modem
because of the speed.
 Airtel few weeks ago upgraded their blackberry plan to 3GB for N1,400. It only supports Blackberry phones which somehow looks beneficiary
to only bb users. But Airtel Android Plan is still rocking on every device, 2GB
for 2k which looks somehow expensive or over normal.
MTN: At the moments, MTN BIS still rocks wella and faster on
Android device with the use of Simple Server or OpenVPN. The BBDay Plan is
unlimited for movie freak. It doesn’t work on iPhones. iPhone users, your os is
too complicated for Simple Server.
Mtn Better Me Data Plan almost render feeble third party MTN
data reseller because you can now get 2015MB (2GB) for N2,015. Its in daily,
weekly or monthly bundle. And it works on all smartphone, PC, iPhones or even
the yet to produce Chincoberry…
To Subscribe, dial *123*4#

I want to believe no one is still using the MTN Night Plan…
seems the’ve pack up.
Etisalat: The only good thing to write home about this
Etisalat network is that you can get 250MB, 500MB, 750MB & 1GB and above at
a very cheaper price from third party reseller compare to what Etislat sell
directly. At-least, with N500, you can get 250MB and it work on all device.
For movie lovers, I recommend Etisalat Smart Pack because it
is unlimited streaming.
Which plan are you currently using? Has it been profitable on
your device? Let me here what you think.
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40 thoughts on “Best Cheapest Data Plan For All SmartPhones/PC in February”

    • I don't believe u bcos dir is no how u can active another plan while ur current BlackBerry sub is still active so u are li eying

  1. Big bros.weldone…I have being using Glo Bounce 30Mb..but its too slow,i hardly get 3G.So am afraid dat if i subscribe for Glo overload bundle,i may not enjoy it..Pls what is your suggestion?..Thanks

    • It's not only you but every where. D problem is from glo just exercise patient for it to be fix by glo. Whenever u experience such, turn off your data and ON it again

  2. Prof yomi…pls i need u to help me wif how to browse wif glo bis on my htc desire 816 dual sim…it's kinda giving me a hard time nd i also need to knw if it is necessary to root d phn first…thnx alot as u reply…i really appreci8

  3. Prof yomi…pls i need u to help me wif how to browse wif glo bis on my htc desire 816 dual sim….i also need to knw if it's necessary to root d phn first…thnx as u reply

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