Glo Festive Promo – Glo Launches Overload & Allawee

The spirit of festivity is gradually catching up with Glo and I’m beginning to love this and I wish they can do more. Glo recently
lauched two promo, Glo overload and Glo Allowee.
Glo Overload automatically credits subscribers with 200
percent airtime and a data bonus every time they recharge with NGN 200 or more.
Glo Allawee gives every new customer NGN 18,000 worth of free airtime for calls
and text messages.

Under Glo Overload promo, subscribers are guaranteed 200
percent bonus airtime automatically for every airtime recharge of NGN 200 and
above. For instance, a subscriber who recharges with NGN 200 will automatically
get NGN 600 airtime; a NGN 500 recharge will give the subscriber NGN 1,500
airtime; a NGN 1,000 recharge will give NGN 3,000 airtime to the subscriber;
NGN 2,000 recharge will give NGN 6,000 airtime and NGN 5,000 recharge will give
the subscriber NGN 15,000 airtime.

It also gives 200% of bonus data for any new data plan or
renewal from NGN 2,000 and above. For instance,
N2,000 gives 2.5GB
N3,000 gives 4.5GB
N5,000 gives 12GB
N8,000 gives 24GB
N10,000 gives 33GB
N15,000 gives 51GB
N18,000 gives 63GB
Will it Work on my Device?

Yes, this is not a Blackberry plan, so tweaking of IMEI is
not necessary. It works on all smartphone, PC, tablets, Phablets including
How Can I Enter This Promo?

Just dial *200#
We hope to see more cheaper promos from Glo.
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28 thoughts on “Glo Festive Promo – Glo Launches Overload & Allawee”

  1. pls yomi help… I just got a samsung s3 sgh t999 , t mobile….nd it is stuck on edge each tym I change it to 3g (WCDMA) my network cancels even when I used d manual option it still cancels

    • Something should be wrong with your device. How old is your Samsung s3? Have you ever use 3G (WCDMA) on it before? if yes, you'll need to restore it back to factory settings. And if NO, I'll suggest you try another network on that sim 1 and set it to 3G. If Airtel network is good in your area, try it on it since it always have 3.5G.

  2. It's a trick fraudulent bonuses,kinda like what mtn is doing now if you recharge and you're given 5 tyns wt u recharged it wont even last as long as your initial recharge.dont believe me try it

  3. Please Oga yomi how do I get my techno p5 imei back. After getting the infinix Etisalat 1.5gb. What should I do to change it back to techno imei.

    • Did you back it up before you change it Etisalat 1.5gb imei? if you do, you can easily restore it back thesame way you changed it.

      But if you don't, you can always get it back from the back of your phone when you remove the battery or from the original carton of your P5.

  4. Yomi please how what can I use to root my Mtk android version 4.4 kiktat? I tried the last you posted but didn't work. Thanks.

  5. yomi abeg help me out..i want to subscribe for for a data plan for my modem..i need 1 that will my give me more mb and is relatively mtn bis still working..reply ASAP


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