Xmas 12 Days of Massive Discount on Konga + Make a Wish…

The festive season is here again and I can see so many
people are already basking in the euphoria of Xmas. It is just few weeks
away and Konga is giving massive 12days discount on many Items. Or maybe you
are thinking of getting her or him a gift and you don’t know how or what gift
to get, think no further than KONGA. They’ve got the perfect gift for your

It is 12Days of massive discounts and today is already DAY2;
don’t miss out before it runs out. You can click here to explore great Christmas
discounts. Mind you, it is free delivery anywhere you are.

Make A Wish: Not only that but Konga hereby presents the Make a Wish Campaign! Konga will grant special wishes this Christmas to some lucky customers who shop from Konga.com this period!
To qualify for the make a wish, 
==>Spend up to N10,000 this month shopping from the great deals on Konga here
==>Submit your ‘wish’ (an additional item chosen from the Konga store) in the form provided below.

…and every day, Konga will choose
three lucky customers to win their ‘wish’ item. On the twelfth day, five
customers also get surprise gifts from Konga!
Click here to start shopping.

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24 thoughts on “Xmas 12 Days of Massive Discount on Konga + Make a Wish…”

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    thanks in advance Prof

  2. But Prof it's not fair oh, I just went through all the comments of your previous posts I didn't see anything related to you answering any question, about the invalid Imei response
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    • Avast should be able to clear that stuff for u. Connect your fone to a computer that has active anti-virus and scan it it with it. It will clear dat ish off

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