Blackberry Festive Giveaway Kicks Off With Free Apps in BB World

The most romantic word I want to hear, or read in my email this December
is Awwww… Yomi please forward your account number let me transfer N1,000,000 to
you. As in nothing is more romantic, enchanting,
smoldering, riveting, exhilarating and enigmatic than that. It’s actually the season of giveaway and Blackberry is not
left out. 

BlackBerry has now kicked off their
festive giveaway promo in BlackBerry World where you can grab several
previously paid apps for free. The apps vary across devices and regions of
course but will change throughout the promotion.

The first batch of apps is available
now until December 17th and then on December 18th, they’ll change and several
new apps will be made available for free. If you’re looking to find out which
apps are available for your device, just head down to blackberry world and you
see them their or click here
Did I hear you say ‘What about Android
smartphone giveaway?’
Android don’t need any give away because you can download
any paid apps on play store for free… If you’ve been eying a paid app and you
can’t download it, just drop the name of the app and I’ll get it for you; but
make sure the app is not related to John d Baptist.
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31 thoughts on “Blackberry Festive Giveaway Kicks Off With Free Apps in BB World”

    • Maybe they are not properly connected. First of all try it with one android device, or Pc, ensure that the other device is connected to your own and your own network is okay for connection. Then try to browse

  1. Pls prof, i need help from you. I use tecno phantom A, I try to update or upgrade my fone did not have a place to update, is dia any software I can use to do it? Guy pls also

  2. Thanks @yomiprof. I'm the infinix guy. I'm having problems with installing the vcom drivers. It keeps saying 'the .inf file does not contain information about your hardware'. And I've used all the inf files under XP, Vista and W7. I also connected my usb as an installer, it didn't install the usbvcom inf file. Later on, I was able to install the phone as shuame android adb interface, but I don't get a link when I switch off and select 'download'. Help please.

  3. Oga yomi, compliment s of the season, pls I need an android app, where I can hide videos,files n pics. Secondly, if I use simple server on my tab, I subscribe MTN daily bis , it doesn't browse after a while n doesn't allow to download. [email protected] thank u

  4. hello, good day & happy new year Sir. Yomi. please, I was wondering if you could help me generate a BB imei number, I was using Glo bis on my innjoo i2s until yesterday that i had to restore to factory settings, which made my imei to be reverted to its original imei. please Sir, help me. this are my emails
    [email protected]
    [email protected]. thanks in advance to your response.


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