Now You can Share Multiple Photos on Your Instagram Stories with Layout

If you are a user and lover of Instagram, then you will like this newly added feature that allows you to capture and share multiple photos in a single story from within the app itself.

With Layout, you can now capture and share multiple photos in your story — a new, creative way to express yourself.

Instagram layout stories

Once you update your app with the latest update, users will be able to post up to 6 photos in a single-story through a simple interface that lets users choose between different layouts.

How to Access Layout on Instagram App

The layout can be accessed by swiping to the end of the many features present on Instagram. There are currently 6 different layouts options, having space for 2 to 6 photos, with different orientation options.

As a user, once you succeed in adding photos individually to a particular layout, you will be able to use Instagram’s regular editing suite for adding texts, stickers and more.

Before now, Instagram users often use a third-party app to create something like this which in turn will make this new feature popular as more users adopt it.

Instagram has been slowly adding features to its Stories, features like Create mode that lets users interact with their followers through polls, etc. It seems like Instagram will continue to expand these features in the future, capturing more users for its platform.

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