What is Wrong With 0702Smile 4G LTE SIM Newly Launched?

Obviously, everyone is complaining about the SMILE 4G SIM
newly launched few days ago, it seems not to be compatible with the smartphones
they claim it will work it. It was a tug of war yesterday evening when the smile
lady was busy struggling with Samsung Galaxy Edge that supports different band
including band 20. Unfortunately, she gave up and couldn’t pin point what the
problem was. 

SMILE claimed the sim is selective and will work on iPhone7, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Edge and A7, but despite that, I haven’t seen any
smartphone compatible with the SMILE 4G sim. Now I don’t know if smile actually
know what band their sim operate because even the so called 4G devices that
supports Band 20 (800Mhz) including the above listed haven’t record any success
 You need to see the
way their technician were struggling to make the sim work, sweating under Air
condition only to end up with a sorry note, this sim cannot work on your
The question is, does SMILE  really know what band their 4G SIM operates?
Why sell a 4G SIM you claimed supports only band 20 (800Mhz) when you know its
not compatible with latest 4G smartphones?
If you have collected your 0702SMILE 4G LTE sim, and it work with
your device, kindly let us know which smartphone you are using with it.
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16 thoughts on “What is Wrong With 0702Smile 4G LTE SIM Newly Launched?”

  1. Now I know something is wrong with SMILE, because from the launching, they didn't specify which city its meant for. I haven't seen anyone who successfully entered into smile office in Lagos, to collect the sim come out with a testimony that it works.

    Now I'm thinking this Smile 4G sim is just an imaginary sim. next time, they should give accolade to MTN, Glo and Etisalat. come chop no be beans

  2. Good day prof, i just bought a Alcatel pop 4 plus and am receiving glo 4g network, but its not browsing with ucmini handler cheat, it only works when i switch to 3g. what could be wrong pls.


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