Blackberry Users: Why You Should Use Blackberry Protect

other day, I shared with us how you can easily track a stolen PC and Android phones using “PREY”; but today, it’s simply blackberry protect to protect your
Protect is a blackberry application that performs series of functions to
blackberry users. Unfortunate, so many people don’t know the importance of
blackberry protect on their device.

BlackberryProtect  can help find Smartphone if it
is lost or misplaced or stolen. For instance, two days ago I misplaced my
blackberry device, all I had to do was login to the BlackBerry Protect
website located at using my
BlackBerry ID credentials and I was able to view my device’s location on a map.
Along the line, I was able to make my
device play a loud sound for a minute at which point I found it in an unknown
location. That’s why I love Blackberry Protect.

Why Should
I Enable Blackberry Protect On My Device?

It allow you to track your device when it is
misplaced, lost or stolen
It allow you to wipe all your stored data’s on
your device from blackberry protect websites
It allow you to track the location of your
blackberry device at a particular time.

For you to
fully enjoy the functionality of Blackberry protect, location tracking must be
 enabled within the BlackBerry® Protect
application on BlackBerry® Smartphone.
How Can
I Enable Blackberry Protect On My Blackberry Device?

1.       From
your home screen click on Setup or Settings 
2.      From
Settings, click on blackberry protect 
3.      Set the
blackberry protect switch it on

all the above is done, you can then login to blackberry protect website here
and you will see all your data’s on the site. Test it and you will be amazed how it works like magic.
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