How To Boost Your Internet Speed 300% Faster

This tutorial is for those who
are experiencing slow internet connection. You know, it somehow becomes awkward
when your connection to the internet crawl like snail; to load a page on a slow
network takes eternity to open.
Or have you ever been to a Cyber
Café, where their internet connection  takes up to  20min to open a webpage? Perhaps, mtn is
intentionally slowing down your magic sim because it is hacked, then this
tutorial will bail you out of your predicament.

I will quickly introduce
you to INTERNET SPEED UP. Internet Speed up is a software that  enhances your

Internet Speed! It boosts your
internet connection and improves your Internet speeds up to 300%. Not only
that, free Internet Speed up can increase the performance of your existing
modem/network hardware by optimizing Windows modem/network settings to maximize
the efficiency of your current hardware.

Why Should
I Use Internet Speed Up?

internet surfing

your connection secure
up your modem, Cable, DSL and ISDN (LAN connection) speed
three more speeds greater than 115200 to your modem settings
up your internet connection without any networking & communication
all this just by a couple of mouse clicks
more different settings trying
crash recovery


Where Can I
Download Internet Speed Up?
To download
internet Speed up, just click on this link
It is also
available in Google play for all android users. Flex and stabilize your
connection. This is the only antidote to feeble, crawling, motionless magic sim


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31 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Internet Speed 300% Faster”

  1. Yomi, i dnt beliv it cn 2 work on Android coz i read d disclaim of d app whre they said it jst a prank nt internet booster. What do think boss? Ur opinion is needed here..

    • Kola you are right, the one on google play is not this but speed up booster, and i just read the disclaimer too but i will look for an alternative to dat for android and iphone users.

    • Sodiq, it is not me oooo but what the app supports. Don't worry, i will make it up to everyone including Java and symbian users. That's my promise.

  2. ok, then i will try this. pls yomi, i tried the mtn magic sim on thursday evening, when i send 2H to 132, immedately my 250 was removed and no notification. but i tried to follow the instruction to browse within 2hr but i noticed that when i insert it in my modem it was not browsing. i left it on the pc for that space of 2hr though it was not connecting then before exactly 2hr of subscription i removed the sim and by the next day after 24hr, i inserted the sim in my modem, at first, it does not browse but after 2min it starts to browse. i continue to browse like an hour plus when my pc ran out of power. when the power was restored, i inserted the modem again and immediately i received a message from mtn that i ve used 25% of my time bundle, i continue to browse for like over 2hrs until now it wasnt connecting again. prof yomi, is there anything i could do to get it going or what is it all about? pls i am keen to hearing from you. thanks

  3. First of all, on what package did you activated the magic sim? I will suggest you remove the sim and keep it for like 20min, after then slot it in again or better still try it on a Gprs enabled mobile phone to see if it will browse. If it does'nt, it apparently means ur sim is not activated. The process was quite okay bt u didn't browse before leaving it for 24hrs; that alone can jeopardise the hacking process.

  4. prof yomi, pls i"v downloaded d speed up software but its not running on my system, it says speed up has stoped running weneve i want to open it, i'v tried odas frm oda sites but same response, pls help, mtn network is bad here and my airtel has stoped adding mb dats wat makes d mata worse. pls help, my email is [email protected],com

  5. Are u sure your system is not heavily fragmented? Situation like that normally happen when a system is heavily fragmented. Another thing to note here is dat it won't function effectively without internet connection just like hotspot shield. Try and connect your Airtel stuff to the net since mtn is bad in ur location.

    • D system is new and I do use ccleaner and tune up regularly so I don't think the h.d is fragmented. I tried runninng d app wen my airtel is still active ystdy. My airtel 100naira method expired ystdy and I'v been unable to add more mb, it writes error as usual without adding mb, pls kindly help if there is any oda working method. Thanks [email protected]

  6. pls prof, help with the current method of adding mb on airtel. or is it that smtin is wrong with my sim, i was able to add till ystdy, but its no more adding mb again, or the trick has been blocked. i'm confused. pls help out.. [email protected]

  7. But I will suggest u try to scan ur system perhaps it has hidden virus. It worked perfectly on my on my window 7.

  8. Daer Yomi,
    I downloaded the internet speed up thro sonic downloader. It showed downloaded but I cant find it in my system. I've tried downloading it again but its still not showing and I cant find it. Please assist me.
    [email protected]

  9. my magic sim browses but after a while it will stop. i have to always disconnect and connect back to enable it browse. sum times it take a whole day for it to browse. i have used hotspot shield, yet it does browse except i go tru this connect and disconnect process. what should i do @Yomi?

    • When did you activate your magic sim? if it is recently, then you have to endure a little bit because new activated sims normally does like that.

  10. am new to this comment using my bis on my laptop and yea configured the modem to the apn connects and disconnects every 5 mins.downloaded the hotspot shield yet it still disconnects every 2 to 4 mins on my modem,its very there anyother software i could use that would bypass this disconnection stuff on my modem…and my sim is the 128k
    worried user of mtn bis on system

    • Change your apn parameters to
      Perhaps this will solve the problem

  11. i did paste the stuff,it did not work,but however when i did paste the on worked and i was able to open some websites,but still on the limited minute,it disconects…or is something wrong with my line or this how the stuff works
    i need a software to stabilise the connection from disconecting


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