Latest Tecno Y5 Review – Comes With Free 3GB Data

Where are the Tecno lovers? Even though you don’t plan
getting something big on the Jumia Mobile Week, you can as well get this latest
Tecno Y5 low end smartphone for you niece or even your mum. This device is new
and will be launched come June. It is far better than the Tecno Y4 low ends

Sleek Spec of Tecno Y5
Tecno Y5 is a sleek and sturdily built smartphone with a
5.0-inch HD capacitive touch screen that is more than capable of ensuring an
amazing viewing experience. It is integrated with a 1GB RAM and dual-core
processor for seamless multitasking and fast operation. It comes with an 8GB
internal memory which can be expanded to 32GB using a micro SD so as to
accommodate all your multimedia files.

Tecno Y5 has a 5MP back camera for capturing beautiful pictures and a 2
megapixel front camera for taking selfies. Its high capacity 2350mAh Li-ion
powers it comfortably through the day. Patronizing two network
providers is possible with the Tecno Y5 as it comes with 2 SIM card slots.

Guess The Price?

Find out on Jumia Mobile week. It also comes with free 3GB
of MTN data.
Watch the Tecno Y5 2min review.

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38 thoughts on “Latest Tecno Y5 Review – Comes With Free 3GB Data

  1. Won't Tecno upgrade to 2GB RAM AND 16GB STORAGE CAPACITY? They are trying, but they should at least do some upgrading. Thanks Prof for the update. My Prof, pls help share the imel if you get any pls. Your boys are loyal Sir

    • First of all Migrate to MTN Biz plan by dialing *460*1# If successful, subscribe to any of the BB10 plans ie daily, weekly or monthly by dialing *216*3*1# for daily plans…

      ==>Create a new APN on your Android as below:
      Ip Address:
      Port: 8080

      ==>Download Simple server for android on google playstore and configure it this way below:

      Pdproxy host:
      Proxy port: 8080
      Injection method: get Injection
      Injection host:
      Injection line press your keyboard enter key 4times
      Log level: debug

      Close and connect to the internet and watch your browsing speed.

    • @sir prof. people are saying that b10 is upto 4gig but I don't think that am getting upto 300mb whenever I subscribe to B10 with my android. When I browse for short time they will alert me that I have used upto 50 percent, 90, then after when I off my data I will still download upto 100mb before it will finally stop.

    • BB10 is not just upto 4gb but 6.5gb, whenever you get that awefull mesage of 50% just neglect it and continue to download. No need to off ur data at all

  2. Prof, i have rooted my tecno j7. Now i tried the second method you posted on how to install clockworkmod recovery on tecno, but is not working. It says inaccessible SU. Please help.

    • It means you have not successfully rooted your Tecno J7. Go to playstore and download root checker… launch it and see if it will tell you root access successful.

      If you are rooted, SU will automatically be installed on your device.

  3. Please we need the imei prof. Yeye product 1gb ram again with 5mp lol tecno set up this is thanks for the info me just need imei. God bless am out lol

  4. My Tecno P9 often gives me issues. Will charge It to the fullest before I sleep only to wake up and it won't turn on. And times with it getting hot
    I just have on person who repairs my phone. What's your advice?

    • You normally encounter such ridiculous battery drainage because of the followings:

      1. You have a lot of apps running at your device background that you don't know about. To fix this, go to settings>>Apps and open individual apps, any apps you are not using, click on force stop and the app will stop running. Also try and clear ur cache, reboot ur device and battery drainage will stop.

      2. You network is set to 3G: it consumes battery a lot so I'll advice wen you are not using ur fone, turn off ur data completely

      3. Try and download app cleaner, it will help sanitise ur fone.

  5. Someone did something to my xperia t2 and after that, I was told my phone can now use any network bis. He did it online and I saw the message (congratulations your phone has been successfully hacked) what was that?

  6. Hello yomi i bought this lenovo s650 but cant change my imei. Please help needed it has mtk 6582. When i use mobile uncke i says successful but it doesn't change

    • Hello faisal,
      Use engineering mode mtk which you can download from playstore. U are not suppose to get successful instead mSent. Try and change d sim two first before d sim one

  7. IMEI sir!!!… pls prof.. Do drop the imei as soon as you have it… Am in dire need of data… Pls prof, is their any mtn or any etisalat imei tweak for data that is still going.. even if it's just 250mb.. abeg

  8. Hello People get free 2GB from mtn now without tweaking your imei… just send Itel to 131 and you'll be given free 2GB data

  9. Pls Prof I want to buy this laptop Lenovo IdeaPad G4070,pls can you review it for me, if it is Worth the price

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