How to Change QualComm Device IMEI Like Samsung Without PC

I don’t want to write more about Qualcomm users changing
their IMEI, cos I’ve written a lot on that but some individuals are still finding
it difficult to use. This method has been online from XDA developer, and some
other sites, tested on some devices and all Credit goes to XDA and Prince Wabi
for revisiting this thread.

This method has been tested to work on Xiaomi redmi 1s, MTNSmart S720 and Samsung Ace 4. It may not work on all Samsung devices, while it
work for some.
 It is important you know that changing imei is illegal in some
countries so you do it at your own risk.

==>Make sure your smartphone device is rooted or comment to root it below
==>Make sure you make a Nandroid back up of your device
in-case of uncertainty (You can check here on how to do that)
==>Download Imei Changer here
Follow The Below Steps

==>install Xpose installer and launch it
==> Click on FRAMEWORK, click on install/update
==> When all is done, reboot your device
==> Install imei changer>>open xpose
installer and click on modules, make sure IMEI changer is ticked then click on
imei changer to launch the app
==>Generate your blackberry imei and
input it in the space provided and click apply
==>Reboot your device and dial *#06#
to check your new imei.
Like I said, It may not work for all
Qualcomm devices most especially Samsung that has dual sim but its not a crime
if you give it a shot.
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54 thoughts on “How to Change QualComm Device IMEI Like Samsung Without PC”

    • Hello bro
      So sorry about that friend. If its only android logo you see and nothing else, it simply means your phone is bricked and you'll need to get a cwm to get your phone back online.

      Did you make a back up before it got bricked?

    • Hello friend,
      Download framaroot.apk and use it to root your device in less than 5min.

      Install and run framaroot
      Click on borohmir and you should get a success message after which.

    • Ah! Hello Dave download the infinix hot note cwm recovery back up I posted on this blog, it's a complete package.

      To Unroot, click on SuperSU app, you can open that app, go to Settings, scroll all the way down, and tap the Full unroot button. And your device will be fully unroot.

  1. And by the way the xposed module link you posted is for lollipop users. And it is known to cause bootloop on samsung lollipop. You should check and post that of kitkat and jellybean

  2. The only problem am having now is the problem of installing that backup oh.

    I think the backup is for a non-rooted phone and mine is rooted √.

    Thats why I want to unroot it because its not installing at all on my device.

  3. Hi prof.. I actually have a problem with adsense approval, for i don't have an idea on which of their policy had i broken that they severally reject my request to upgrade my adsense hosted account to non-hosted so that i can place their ads on my wordpress blog.

  4. Sir prof. thank you so much May God bless you. The xpose installer link u posted is not the latest version It didn't work on my Samsung mega,then I downloaded the latest version before it worked . But I don't know why glo has not seen the new imei. When I checked the emei it will show BlackBerry imei but like this 358265017729416/3

  5. @yomi .. Dis mthd of tweaking qualcomm devices lyk samsung isnt rily changing d imei .. Infact dis thread is meant to be written as "How to spoof Qualcomm device (samsung) Imei" .. Its jez masking d imei for apps dat do read imei b4 dey can carryout dia data charges on et .. Network Operators will still detect ur fone as ur former imei dat waz dere b4 u changed et .. So pls i'll suggest u look for anoda mthd for we samsung users .. Thanks

    • Noted! But the on those three devices above it does change the imei. Infinix hot note imei was even tweak on them and 2GB given.

      Thanks for your observations.

    • Hello prof. I also changed my nokia x2 which is powered by qualcom. It didn't work. May be i should try the infinix hot imei. May b it should work. Please whats the infinix imei?

  6. Prof, thanks for your efforts and the way you are attending to individual issues, my prayer is that God will grant you more wisdom . I later tried glo bb subscription in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime that I told you that the imei is changed but to the all avail is not work. And other issue is that whenever I switch off the phone and on again it will reset to original default imei. I beg look into this issue. Thanks.


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