How Much Does Your Bank Charge You in Naira For 1 Dollar?

Hello guys, I guess some of you are able to get the 11.11.2015
promo goods from AliExpress and gearbest. Should in case you are not able to
get, relax your mind and wait for the cheapest hopefully on Blackb Friday.
I discovered that most of all this banks charges differently
when it comes to dollar conversion as against their $199 dollar conversion

Unlike GTB that charges N220 for a $1, UBA charges N226
and I also learn’t that Diamond bank charges N224. Those of you that has bought
something online before on most of this foreign site, how much do your bank
charges you for a dollar?
Do you think their charges are too much? Your opinions are needed in this matter.

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40 thoughts on “How Much Does Your Bank Charge You in Naira For 1 Dollar?”

  1. The. Boss their charges is way too much cuz I budgeted 65k for today bt unfortunately my bank told me that naira debit card is limited to only 300dollars transaction 60k in Naira. But because of their high rate exchange rate I spent jux 265dollars which is so bad

  2. Diamond bank charges N225 i use the card every week, FCMB is also N225 and UBA is more and i doubt if GTB is not more than N220…And refund is less than N199..its within 198/197 its very annoying… I wonder if CBN will ever do something about it.

  3. CBN has to do something about, it's should be changed @CBN rates. I experienced this when I oder DOOGEE F5 they deduct 30, 797.8 when I ÷ by $139.99 gives me #220. I have no option than to cancel the order. It just God is wonderful for me I remember my friend is their for his Degree program. The interesting thing about is, the phone come in less than 2 weeks @#24,809 less than CBN rates.

  4. How much Does Skye charge?..N199??
    YOMI they charged me 224 naira oo,diamond bank,I couldn't buy all I put in my cart cost I budgeted with 200naira
    Yes I also got dat Bluedio headphone,very cool stuff When should we be expecting delivery,YOMI???

  5. hello Yomi, how do i go about payment on Gearbest? I have a diamond Bank visa card and a paypal account I just opened online. But the problem is that Diamond bank agents said i will pay 21% extra of whatever amount i spend on purchase which is meant conversion rate. That seems to be too much for me.


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