Do You Think Android One (Infinix Hot2) is a Complete Failure in Nig, And Should be Ban?

Right from the very first day I started toggling around with
android devices, I can boldly say I’d never witness any Android devices that
gives people much trouble like the Android One Infinix Hot 2. Every hour people
always have one complain or the other about Infinix Hot 2, but  my own
version of Infinix Hot2, I didn’t experience any of such other than the file manager
not present in which ES Explorer was able to fix.

I personally created a solution thread for this device for
people who are having challenges with it but to my amazement, almost all the
people that bought the phone are having issue with this version of infinix hot2

ranging from excessive battery drain without usage, hanging and if possible the
phone might even seek your permission to commit murder

As at a day before yesterday, an update was release to
tackle only the File manager not present in the device meaning without ES
, you will see your file manager with this new update but a lot are
still finding it difficult to update just this common system update.
The question is, can we now say the Android One Project in
Nigeria is a total waste and failure?
I agree that the device is cheap but
the problem this cheap Infinix Hot2 carry is too much sin for people to bear;
hence, they need a savior to deliver them from this burden of Infinix Hot2
Now, Infinix is considering releasing another Infinix hot2
with larger battery capacity but the question is will it tackle other hot 2
problems? Didn’t Jumia test the Infinix Hot 2 before they started selling it to the people?
To all those who bought the Infinix hot 2 and are having
problem with this device, do you think NCC should check mate this device and
scrap it out of Nigerian market? Have you enjoy the value of your money after
buying this device?
Don’t just seat and read, I need your opinions via comment on
this matter for the whole world to see.
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18 thoughts on “Do You Think Android One (Infinix Hot2) is a Complete Failure in Nig, And Should be Ban?”

  1. after one month of use(infinix hot 2) the battery happens that if you drain the battery below 3% twice you might kiss your battery goodbye .True story it happened to me

  2. One problem I have with people is they tend to change and change their device as long as newer devices comes out. They have to understand that they should buy device that can stand the test of time, also make sure its tested and trusted devices…

    Phone reviews should come in handy if you need to understand a device, knows its in and out before purchasing.

    As for opinions… It should be BAN!!!

  3. The phone has lots of problems from one way or the other, if infinix continue producing this kind of phone's, I suggest you go for the other products no matter how it cost you

  4. I can't select set standby mode to ask, meaning I be to go to settings and select sim before I can call. Update not Installing.. . Showing error after rebooth

  5. The phone calls is a shamble and disgrace to INFINIX brand and for all d previous amazing devices they av released like my awesome X507 that is serving me well.
    The problem is they didn't plan all this update of a thing well b4 dambling into it. Hope to see them release a.much better and stable phone in d future.

  6. sincerely, I don't have much problem with my own, as to lagging I haven't experience any (though 2G ram).
    As to updates error, only once, that's because I have a root access then…
    Battery, 2000mah isn't that much, so gaming is not too encouraged, to just Internet only, that does makes the battery life okay to some extent…
    Gallery and File explorer: thanks to update (Nov03) for file explorer, and QuickPix app (from playStore) is doing the job for gallery.
    I will conclude my saying, infinix hot 2 android one project doesn't support much OS tweaking, my advice to it users is that they should not poke much around the OS to avoid drama, and wait patiently till Android OS 6 update is release (which I believe is the main reasons of getting the phone)

  7. Please, my Android one is bringing error when I wanted to update that latest released OTA update. I've removed root access from my device yet still is till bringing error. Pls what should I do?

  8. I think many Nigerians just rushed this device because of the price, they forgot that it wasn't s normal android, many don't fully know that android one doesn't give as much things like a normal infinix Ui, I bought this phone because I understood it, 2000mah is very little for a phone carrying that kind of display power and processor, Innjoo fire which is 2500mah goes down just as fast as this phone, people keep complaining because they want to use it like their regular android devices, but this lil. Things are the price for such a cheap phone, I've been using the phone about to months and am very techy, I've downloaded He games played them , though the battery went down quick it charged from 1% to 100 in 55minutes , I do stuff with this phone as in a lot, since the battery is a big problem I always use a power bank, People be talking like they spent a fortune on this phone, could it be compared old tecno. God knows wet in tecno Don do me, the phone is just 19,500 they shouldn't expect infinix hot note battery life when both of them are using the same display ppi and lower battery by half in the latter, My innjoo fire dealt with me, I bought it 20,000N with all the lagging and things like over heating always message failing to open poor display, this phone only lags with simple server once in a while, 2gb ram doesn't mean a phone is invincible, it has a lot to do with clock speed and processor, even my friends IHN PRO, lags when do serious stuff with it so I don't get all this complaints, the phone can never be like a regular android device except you change that Rom to something else like the one infinix is offering, Thats a decent phone for that price, Tecno H7 I bought 38k is nothibg compared to this phone, even the camera is better the phone still runs on kit kat same with L7, The phone doesn't need a ban, just needs more people that fully understand the cons of an android one phone.

  9. The fone is shitful,piece of crap my mum nd my sister are both using it wit various complains everyday especially of it hanging tot it was a problem exclusive to dem only 4 me to find out dat odas are passing through the same tin…please d fone should be erased off the sands of time

  10. The phone its like a waste of income, it hangs like hell and can't even update keeps replying error after rebooting after removing the root access, i like the phone but if any thing could be done to resolve this it will be cool but till the its crap


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