Sign This Petition & Say No to Increase in Data Price by NCC

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I must be sincere with
you that I don’t like the recent development by the so called directives given
by NCC to increase data rate beginning from 1st of Dec, 2016. We as
Nigerians must unite together, let’s air our voice out.

The country is already languishing in a state of Quandary,
and now NCC want to add salt to the injury. You all know that it is the poor
that will suffer it the more; or is it a crime to be using a smartphone that
can access internet? So I want us to unite together as a team, family,
Nigerians with one voice… Say No to data increase in Nigeria.
Someone has already created a petition on and I
need you all who use data, and you violently don’t want it to increase in
price, to sign this petition. Share it on every social media let every body know.
Sign the petition. Let our voice count, spread the news let
NCC know and hear the cry of the masses. Increasing data prices is not wisdom,
but something close to foolishness.

If I may also ask, what exactly is the function of NCC ????

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15 thoughts on “Sign This Petition & Say No to Increase in Data Price by NCC”

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