Infinix Hot 2 (Android One) is Now Available – See Review Below

This is not just amazing but super amazing… Though I was
invited but I just couldn’t make it down to Infinix Hot 2 launch. Infinixmobility is
actually doing a great Job and to be the first to pioneer Android one launch in
Nigeria. In other words, you can say welcome Android One.
Infinix Hot2 is the talk of the town, and as at the time of
compiling this post, the launch is still on going, and the price is amazing
cheap beyond your expectation.

See the SPEC below

Operating System: Android One, v5.1
Camera Specs: 8MP Back Camera, 2MP
Front facing camera
Screen: 5″ HD Display Screen
Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory,
expandable to 32GB with microSD
Battery: 2200mAh Battery
CPU: Quad Core 1.3 GHz
Other Features: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Colour: Black
Price: N17,500 & N19,500 (Not just that but comes with 1GB data @500 for 12 months) You can buy it here
See the video review below
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34 thoughts on “Infinix Hot 2 (Android One) is Now Available – See Review Below”

  1. Prof… My system doesn't recognises my Samsung tab phone when I insert via USB.. I have updated the driver bur still it doesn't show.. Though it shows on other systems except mine.. What can I do.. I'm tired of removing my memory card every time to time answer files

  2. The truth is this Android one launched today will be receiving an update once Android M is made available. Was at the launch and I expected to see you Yomi… keep up the nice work you are doing here.

  3. yomi pls help me out!!!!!!! my tecno r5 is in bootloop i dnt hv any recovery and there is not option to install zip from sd card when i boot the phone into recovery the only option is to factory reset i tried that still in bootloop pls help

    • Did you install any application before this incidence? If yes, can you still boot it into safe mode? If yes boot it into safe mode and Uninstall that app then reboot it to normal mode again

    • Hello Mingle,
      If you can boot into safe mode and you recognize the app you installed, then your phone will come back to life. If it keeps displaying has stopped working… keep closing it until you are able to remove that application.

  4. Good day prof and other tech guys in the house,please forgive me if my post is in the wrong thread…guys please help me.
    1.My tecno r7 auto download apps and i dont know how come,2.recently constantly see monkey test,time service if i check my minimised app i felt it was because i installed recovery tool and rom manager which i later uninstalled….yet those things are still bugging my phone…please help

    • First of all, your Tecno R7 auto download apps because auto update is turn on.

      To turn updates on or off, follow these steps:

      ==>Open Google Play.

      ==>Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left.
      ==>Tap Settings.
      ==>Tap Auto-update apps.

      ==>To disable automatic app updates, select Do not auto-update apps.
      ==>If you want to instead auto-update apps only when you're connected to a WiFi network, tap Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only in the same pop-up.

      Monkey test time services is reported to be a malware on your device and it will be adviceable you get rid of it.

      to get rid of it, Go to settings>>>applications>>> and turn off install apps from unknown source… turn on app permission>>> finally download clean master security to clear all junks and malware from your device.

    • At the moment, their is no OTA Lollipop update for Infinix zero except you want to install a custom rom… I believe with time, Infinix will roll out Lollipop update to all infinix product.

  5. I plugged my infinix hot note this morning and after i remove frm charger, i was chatting and the phone trip off, till now its not powering.. Help

    • remove the battery and wait for 5secs, then put it back and turn it ON to see if it will come up… if it doesn't, connect it to a wall socket and powr it ON while connected.

  6. Sir Yomi.. I want to go for the phone. I need advice, should I wait for tecno C8 or should go on getting this infinix device. Which one had the better specs? Thanks.


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