Infinix Hot2 Specification, Launch Date is 18th Aug 15′

‎Though we are earnestly waiting for the InfinixHottestOneto be reveal and I guess her ram is just to much for bobo’s to handle, the
launch date is 18th of August, next week, it is a promising device.
This is a sneak preview coming from an insider since no one
knows nothing about the spec yet.
 #thehottestone is an
upgraded version of the Infinix Hot to continue the success of the HOT series.

“We all know this device will be launched this
month,  as I was one of those that
offloaded the 1st set of shipments into a warehouse in Lagos.”

I had a sneak preview of the phone and fortunately I took
one picture as the device specs and images are being guarded very closely. I
know it comes with double sided glass just like the Infinix Zero with glossy
material & finishing.

Since #THEHOTTESTONE is an improvement of the Infinix Hot,
it will definitely offer more than the HOT.

The screen is 5.0 inches with HD 720*1280 resolution. It’s
also IPS display with Touch Panel Technology.

It is expect to come with 2GB ram with Quad core 1.3GHz
 as labelled on the pack to deliver very quick responses to
required processes. Come to think of it, it’s as if Infinix is making 2GB ram a
standard on all their latest models now, Zero2 and HotNote Pro come with 2GB

The rear Camera is 8MP with LED
flash and the Front Camera is 2MP and also equipped with Face beauty feature to
deliver perfect Selfies and Images. 

Judging by images I have seen taken with Infinix Hot, this
camera will be much better with sharper, crisper and more detailed images.
Probably something like what you will get with the Hot Note or better because
of the Brand New Operating system that will power #TheHottestOne.
Well, the truth is, the price won’t be high as expected cos
infinix always beat our expectation, the launch date is on 18th of
August 2015  3PM – 7PM
(Next week Tuesday), if you are closeby, kindly attend and give us
more info on it.

Image Credit: engineroom007 of Nairaland

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21 thoughts on “Infinix Hot2 Specification, Launch Date is 18th Aug 15′”

  1. Gud morning prof,sorry for posting dis on a wrong thread. Pls my tecno 8h tab is not coming up,it only shows "EXPERIENCE SMART LIFE NOW'. I bought the phne last week and its not rooted. kindly help me out. THANKS

    • Did you install any application before you started seeing this ish? If yes, boot your device into safemode and uninstall the application you install then reboot your device to normal mode…

      Alternatively, if you did not install any application before you started experiencing this problem, kindly boot into recovery mode and factory reset your Tab 8H.

    • Yes I did install sum apps yestaday, hw do I boot to safe mode? I ve tried bootin to recovery by pressing the volume dwn nd power button bt d phone kips restarting

    • 1. Turn off your phone.
      2. Once your phone is off, turn it on by pressing the power button.
      3. As your phone is booting, hold down both the volume up and volume down buttons (yes, both) and keep them held.
      4. Once your phone has booted, you should see a “Safe Mode” watermark at the botom left of the screen

  2. Nigerians wise up please, you keep dying for every device that is released… they are all the same, na the same function dem carry. Put your money to a better use please

    • IF you are making reference to infinix, then you are wrong,,, infinix devices are strong and I can vouch for them. and if i may ask, how do we put our money in a better use?

  3. Hello YomiProf pls could you help me??

    I was sent a new Vodafone Ultra 6 smartfone from the UK. Andriod Jellybean 5. Was launched in the UK in June. Phone repairers here even at Slot cant seem to unblock it. They say the software isint available yet.

    Thank you!

    The file that u recommend for unbricking phone from font problem. Can it be flashed with stock recovery.
    And I'm unable to download the file despite login in to d site. Pls I will appreciate it if u can upload it to Google drive or mediafire or Dropbox. Thanks in advance.

    • You can flash it with stock recovery. Follow all the instruction on the link I gave you. Ask for permission to download from the link I gave you and it will be granted to you.

  5. According to articles i read online the infinix hottest one is a joint product from google and infinix it is a form of android one which are low cost but standard android phones and they should get the lastest android version whenever it's available

  6. Prof is like android 5.0 to 5.1 usually have apps problems i.e if u goto playstore and read some of the apps comments issues base on 5.0-5.1 u won't like it, It's bad reviews.


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