ntel Introduces Unlimited Night Plan For Just N500… Truely Unlimited!

Just few weeks ago after ntel increased its unlimited plan
price to N17500 without prior notice to her subscribers… they started with N10,000
to N12500 and now N17,500. Though subscribers were not happy and some threatened
to port beginning from 2018 to other reliable networks.

Ntel took to their social media handle to announce a new
unlimited night plan that is truly unlimited without any form of throttling.
According to ntel, “Get the Unlimited Data that fits your pocket! ntel
Unlimited U data from as low as 500.  No
data cap, no throttling, truly Unlimited”
ntel unlimited night plan for just N500
N500 Unlimited U from 10pm-6am Validity (2days)
N1500 Unlimited U from  10pm-6am validity (7days)
N5000 Unlimited U from 10pm – 6am validity period is 30
If you have anything heavy to download or stream.. you can
go with any of the plan. From their social media handle, they said this offer
expires March 4 2018.
Visit http://www.ntel.com.ng/night-plans/ for more info.
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35 thoughts on “ntel Introduces Unlimited Night Plan For Just N500… Truely Unlimited!”

  1. Well someone else can try it sha. I didn't even know when they announced it but I saw it on their site. I subscribed the one of 500 but I couldn't do anything with it. It was slow as 2g network. Hav been using ntel to watch Tv but the this 500 subscription refused to stream.

  2. What is nice in the NTEL night plan ? ?
    I will rather stick with GLO 4G LTE plan
    NTEL 5k night plan will give me 30gb on GLO and I will not stress my self overnight
    I guess 95% of the people saying it's nice will not sub for the plan, that's just the one problem I have with my fellow commentators,
    How many GB can someone download overnight ?
    and do you think you can use the data for the whole 30days night ?
    As for me and my house the plan have no sence


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