Paylater Reaches a Milestone of 1000 Loans Per day! Do You Need a Loan?

I made a post few months ago on Paylater, online lending platform that provides
short-term loans to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs.  No collateral, guarantors or application fees
required. Just a few clicks of a button.

Now, it appears lots of Nigerians are comfortable with
getting loan from an online source than the bank. Paylater announced in a blog
post that they’ve reached a milestone of disbursing 1000 loans daily, a goal in
which they set when they first started. 
According to Paylater, we
are happy to say that over 60% of these 1,000 loans are disbursed within 1
minute with the rest all under 5minutes
and they span a range of N7,500 to N200k for first time borrowers.
So if life is giving you a deadly blow and you find it
difficult to stand financially, Paylater is here to rescue you. Remember a
friend in need is a friend indeed… and getting a loan from Paylater may
actually be what you need right now.
To those of you who have collected loan from Paylater, how
has been your experience with them so far?
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18 thoughts on “Paylater Reaches a Milestone of 1000 Loans Per day! Do You Need a Loan?”

  1. They won't go broke provided they are have hands on data scientist expert at there firm which they should have. Also issue of BVN everyone data is luck to it. So u can't hide. Buts its a nice innovation our banks are sick cos they don't d right guys in I.T department asking 4 what u can't put down. Paylater thanks for being here…21st century Microfinance


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