KweseiFlix: Pay N150 Per day to Watch FIFA World Cup Live – Is This Worth it?

Is this actually worth it? I mean you pay N150 per day to watch the world cup aside of the data you’ll use to stream it.

Atleast you can use Dent app to generate free data when you refer your friends hence that shouldn’t be a problem but paying N150 per day just to gain access to watch FIFA World cup per day? I don’t think it is worth it.


And if you are having problem with the dent app, please get an ntel sim N1000 for 12GB – Stream until you are tied of watching.

Recently, Kwese TV partnered with iFlix (KweseiFlix) to launch its premier digital entertainment platform in Nigeria. You can stream live FIFA World cup on KweseiFlix platform by downloading its Android app here or iOS app from iTunes.

To watch FIFA Live match, you pay N150 per day, N250 for 3 days or you go with 30 days VIP subscription.

In a country like Nigeria, I don’t think paying N150 per day just to gain access to FIFA live match is worth it when you can simply download free sport apps to stream live matches.

Those of you that has been using Dent app to generate free data, how has been your experience in the last few days? Happy Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim readers.

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33 thoughts on “KweseiFlix: Pay N150 Per day to Watch FIFA World Cup Live – Is This Worth it?

  1. Steaming matches online actually consumes alot of data; to now pay to watch match that you want to stream is a NO no for me. I’d actually scan thru their vidoe on demand platform before and all I could see was old movies like 1993 movies, yet they want you to upgrad to vip to stream to watch this movies when I can easily download the latest movies from my favorite sites in HD.

  2. It’s equally a no for me too, the free streaming apps are there. They’ve got us covered. Prof the dent app seems OK, although I referred about 3 people through my link and didn’t get any bonus coins for their addition

  3. That’s a No for me, how will I pay and use huge data just to watch football when I can easily watch it for just for #100 in viewing centre.
    And I’ve been enjoying the dent, got like 2.4gb now on My Glo network.

  4. I was thinking the #150 will cover the data for streaming, if they can do it this way then no Probst, if not then not worth it considering we have cheaper options.

  5. It doesn’t worth it. View centres will be cheaper or just download WSS 2.2 apk to stream on your phone.
    Dent no sell Glo 9mobile and Airtel data again. Lucky me got just 350mb Airtel

  6. they change my referal code each time I logout, may be that’s why I wans only given 20dents for the many people I know signed up using my referal

  7. So none of Nigeria local channel is showing the fifa world cup ? Why should one waste his money daily, when u can subscribe to any of cable tv once and for all.

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