Android is Many Miles Behind iPhone Says Geekbench Founder

The smartphone competition is dominated by mobile operating
systems of Google and Apple. And over the past few years, Apple has created a
performance gap between the iPhone and Android powered handsets, by creating
powerful chipsets that it has employed on its iconic smartphones.

Apple made the first iOS version available to the public in
2007 when the first-generation iPhone model was launched. Google followed suit
in 2008 as it acquired Android. With only a year gap in development, Poole
questions why Android “has seemed to

iPhone has created
tough and powerful chipsets that its smartphones use. The most recent of these
chips is the A11 Bionic chipset which utterly defeated one of the best chips in
Android devices, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in the latest Geekbench ranking.
John Poole, the founder of Primate Labs, the company that
created the Geekbench benchmark test, points out that the new iPhone models are
scoring more than 50% higher on Geekbench when compared to flagship type
Android phones. As far as Poole is concerned, the big question is why are
we seeing this hike in performance for Apple only?
According to him, “The
thing that I don’t fully understand is why performance has seemed to stagnate
on the Android side. Where you don’t see these big leaps forward. I don’t
understand what’s happening there. At this point, you’ve got desktop-class
performance in a handset. There’s no way of looking at it any other way. I
wouldn’t have thought to use my first-generation iPhone to edit video. I
would’ve thought you were crazy.”-John Poole, founder, Primate Labs.
In truth, Apple and Android are really not at par when it
comes to the chipset on its smartphones because Apple designs its own chips
thus it can control its chip usage. On the other hand, Android phones are built
by numerous companies which get their chipsets from several chipmakers and the
end result is an odd performance which makes it difficult for Android to be on
par with Apple.
When you talk about speed, the first thing that comes to your
mind is Apple and not Android. What do you think?
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23 thoughts on “Android is Many Miles Behind iPhone Says Geekbench Founder”

  1. Like you said prof apple has sole control over their hardware and software so they can optimize them to work effectively but Android is open platform where OEM have to tweak to meet their desires.

  2. He is right. Android can't be matched with ios with the numerous Android phone manufacturer some reduces Android standard but ios is boss of it's own. Although me don't fancy their product due to price and I love my android games that's why I can't leave Android.

  3. IPhone chipset is 50% higher.
    That means iPhone CPU frequency is 5.0 while android CPU frequency is 2.5%?
    Is that what Mr. Poole means?

  4. Lets'be sincere here, comparing Android with iPhone is an insult to mobile industry. Android is no way near iphone in everything…. Though I still love my Android phone

  5. Apple is just like one man's business. They have their own package according to their agreement. Android can be done by anyone acording to his wish. But no need of those long grammar Samsung is till better than iPhone.

  6. Apple is far better than android
    They only person who can really argue this matter is a person that have been using both device for a long time have been using iPhone right from the first generation though I don't upgrade every year. It have used about 5 iPhone, at the moment am on iPhone 7plus.
    Though for someone that love to tweak his or her phone will prefer to go with android but in performance Apple take the lead
    So it depend on the angle you look at it


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