How Has Been Your Experience With 9Mobile Free YouTube Video Streaming?

So few weeks ago, 9mobile in a bid to satisfy her customers
and to woo new customers introduced Free Youtube video streaming offer from the
hour of 1am to 5am capped at 2GB daily and a lot of subscribers dived into it
even though they pretend as if they’ve not been using it; but we know where we
meet every 1am.

Some complain that their normal data is being deducted
stylishly before touching the YouTube 2GB data while some others are using it
flawlessly without any iota of ish.
Someone sent a message to me that 9mobile free YouTube offer
has been capped at 500MB instead of 2GB per night and the worst part of it now
is that it’s only available for those subscribing for 1GB and above. If this is
true, then it isn’t nice at all but…
I don’t know how genuine this is but I want to hear from you
who have been using it. How has been your experience with the 9mobile YouTube
night browsing? Good or bad? Have you been able to use beyond 2GB or stocked at
500MB? Is your normal data being deducted?
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