YouTube Live Streaming Updates

YouTube is introducing more ways to watch live videos
and interact with the community in real time.

This includes YouTube rolling out
chat replay, which allows users to follow a conversation after a live stream is
Live chat replays will show up
alongside the video, exactly as it appeared live.
YouTube will also bring automatic English-language captions
to live streams. The site introduced auto-captioning for produced videos back
in 2009. Now it’s available streaming, helping to broaden access to the
hearing-impaired as well as to those who watch live streams on their mobile
devices with the sound off.
Creators can also add a location tag to their mobile live
streams and video uploads, and share their favourite hot spots with viewers. You
can explore other videos with the same location tag by simply clicking on it.
You can also use the location filter on the search results page to find other
videos from a specific spot.
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