Blackberry Android Venice Full Pictures… A Must See

The future of blackberry Android is 99% loaded and I can’t
wait for it to be fully loaded because I’m tired of all this leak leak and leak

The blackberry device rumored to be coming with Android OS
has show face again but this time, it is with clearer images. 18MP camera sensor , optical image stabilization and
auto focus fast (fast focus . Also remember that it is powered by 3GB Ram, 1.8Ghz Hexacore… and
some leaks are also saying that  on first
boot, you have the option of picking the OS version you want to download be it
Android Lollipop or Blackberry 10.3.

Whats your intake on this?
Source: tinhte
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7 thoughts on “Blackberry Android Venice Full Pictures… A Must See”

  1. Prof am afraid of d way android are coming out dis days hmm even blackberry has also joined d league my own b say make pesin no wake-up 1day come here say no more BIS service in naija ooO


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