Multiple Streams Of Income – Few Ways I Make Money In Nigeria

I have never written something like this before but I know
it’s will benefit someone most especially workers, students and unemployed who
are still looking for extra income. Permit me to go in the spirit of
motivational this beautiful day because “Money flows from the head into your pocket, it flows in the direction of your energy”,
meaning if you have nothing upstairs, don’t expect to have money down stares.

Note: it is not great post or meeting or seminar that makes
wealthy people, but great decision made in a great seminar that make a man
First of all, I must sincerely appreciate all the consistent
readers of this blog for the past 12months and the new readers that just join
the bandwagon. I’ll be sharing with you ways I personally make money in Nigeria
online and offline. If you are a student’s and you don’t make money after
reading this piece then I’ll say the only witches and wizard pursuing you
is not the one in your village but the one you created for yourself. Because I wasn’t
opportune to know all these things when I was in school.
Back to business,
Blogging: Somebody asked me on this blog few months
ago that why I’m I blogging and helping people? and my response was because I love
it. The hidden truth of the matter is that I make money blogging. When I mean
money, I’m not talking about peanut ooo from my blog, I make money from the
==>Google Adsense: Wow…  Google
adsense Pays me monthly. It is a good way to make money online as a blogger but
it takes time. If you are looking for an easy way of making money online as a
new blogger, then adsense is not for you. I know so many blogger find it so
difficult to get adsense approval but it so easy with just a simple trick.
==>Blog Redesign & Set Up For Others: I make money helping people
to redesign their blog and as well as creating new blogs for others.
==>Adverts Placement: I make money from advert people place on my site.
There are some adverts on my site people place their and I make hell of money
from it.
==>Website Design: I design websites for client based on what they
want and I get paid in return. Designing a site for a standard organization, I charge
nothing less than #85k depending on their financial status. And they also pay me to maintain the site for them. If you don’t know
how to design a site as a student, go and learn how to using wordpress or
you know you can personally make money from facebook instead of just merely updating
your status and liking other peoples status… That’s a discussion men’t for another
2. Multiple Streams of Income: This is what I call multiple
streams of income. It is a rule of thumb that states that “never have one
stream of income”; even though you are a banker, oil worker or students. An
additional stream of income will always pay you. You see this is what I do
offline while you are busy watching movies, I am busy making money.
==>Motivational Speaking: I am a motivational speaker, I speak
in some conferences, seminars and get paid for it.
==>I currently do two kinds of job; one is from 8am to
12pm and the other one from 1pm – 4pm Monday to Thursday with abeg ooo. Atleast
daily without doing anything, I smile to the bank with #…
==>Consultancy services, atimes but not often, People
consult me for advices and I get paid for it.
The thing is this, no matter how busy you are, set up a
blog, monetize it and watch the income grow while you are busy with other
normal routine.  Always remember that
time is a commodity of life that is irrecoverable once it’s spent. It’s either
you are investing time and harvesting money or you are wasting time and wasting
Blogging is a real business, the amount of time and value you attach to it determine the amount of money you make from it. Those of you who have a blog, you can drop your blog url let me visit it and perhaps drop comment there; and those who don’t have, i can always help you only if you know why you wana blog and what you want to blog about.
Happy Democracy Day!
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128 thoughts on “Multiple Streams Of Income – Few Ways I Make Money In Nigeria”

  1. I also earn money by selling ebook which is my only source of income online bt serves me completly well,I hav a blog,bt hav less traffic.pls yomi,which niche shud I blog I wud get beta traffic?,tanx in anticipation of ur reply

    • Hello anonym, drop ur blog url here let me chk it out.

      The question still bounce back to you… what do you love writing about?dis will determine the kind of niche you fall.

      Take for instance if you love amebo, then entertainment niche will fit you.
      If you love music and download, den such niche will fit you. The most important thing is make sure the product you are offering is needed by people.

      Be yourself and write in your own way, not copy and paste. I've seen so many of my post in different site bt I careless bcos I am d source and d source can never run dry. Ask me more and i'll teach you how to go about traffic.

  2. yomiprof please this issue of blogging as been on mind since But don't know How to go about it, please Tell me about it I want to start also. Thanks

    • Hello Daveay,
      Blogging is so sweet and interesting. It gives you an edge over your colleague; it expands your horizon and even make you more current in everyday affairs.

      One interesting thing people dnt knw is dat blogging is an additional way of dishing money into your bank account. Interestingly, anybody can blog from any part of the world.
      Let me ask you this, what are you good at? While in year 3 as business administration student, I discovered that I can configure people's phone to browse free of charge and then I began to charge them #200 for Nokia phones, while China phones I charged #150 way back in 2007/2008. Gradually I fell inluv with technology and hacking as a biz admin student.

      Not until 2013 April when I set up this blog bcos I know it will benefit someone. So what do you do with eaze without sruggle?

      Blogging is good when you know what readers need. There are two types of blogging interface inwhc one is free and d other is paid.

      Should I continue?

    • Hello Anonymous, i'll show you step by step approach to blogging and making your cool cash.

      Step By Step Approach To Starting A Successful Blog

      ==>Personal laptop.

      “Personal” I mean your very own computer. While is good to start with whatever you have and available at your disposal, is best to have your own personal system that you can turn on at any minutes of the day you feel like log on to the internet.

      ==>Get a smart phone.

      You shouldn’t be surprise with this. With the rise of an android mobile devices, BB device that has blogging interface applications. A good smartphone that is internet enabled and can also serve as a modem. It will help you a long way.

      ==>Affordeable Internet Plan: Believe you me, as a blogger, you will always be online for some reasons. So you need an internet plan that is affordeable and fast in your locations.

      ==>Find A Need & Blog About It: Money hovers where their is need. Imaging yourself in a campus environment, you know student will always want to browse free, look for admission, or want latest info pertaining a particular product. You can blog about such things. Do you like Politics, ofofo, or just reporting what doesn't concerns you, then Entertainment blogging will be good for you.

      ==>Join online Community Where you'll meet various likeminded blogger like Nairaland, BloggerLab etc

      ==>Learn Everyday.

      You can ask me whatever you don't understand and i'll personally dedicate my time today to answer all questions.

    • Elijah sorry about that may be i was busy making money somewhere else…lol! But don't worry, I'll answer all your questions.

      Before i Begin, you must know that
      1. Blogging Require Determination and Knowlede: Knowledge of what you are blogging about and determination not to give up

      2. Blogging Requires Patient while it grows.

      Okay back to business.
      How To Make Money From Your Blog

      ==>Advertisisng: you can place relevant advert on your blog and those company will pay you for that advert. E.g Google Adsense, Medianet, Adsdynamore, etc

      ==>Create Your Own Product: You can create you own product and package it in e-book format, then sell it to your readers at a very cheap price. Just make sure it's something they are dying to read. I have visited your blog and you really have beautiful articles that you can use to create an ebook.

      ==>Affiliate Marketing: This had to do with you helping other company to sell their product on your blog and if someone buys, you get your commision back, Examples of company that allow such includes,,, You'll see relevant ads that suite your niche.

      Have you tried applying for google adsense, medianet etc?

  3. Another thing Mr. Yomi is if u are talking abt facebook autopilot, I've tried & dumped that sh-t. Inability to successfully open a paypal acct has set me off on it. Then its just like pay-to-click. Enlighten me if u knw a better way to make money from fb. Thanks.

    • No man, opening a paypal account shouldnt be a big deal for you anyway but i'm not talking about auto pilot. This is a discusion men't for another Mr Elijah.

  4. pls mr yomi…am nt making money from my….any method for to get traffic and advertisment…thanks for ur time and knowledge shared.

    • The question is, do you see blogging as a serious business? If yes, then take what i'm about to share with you seriously,

      ==>Add a Privacy Policy Page to your site like i have in mine and then apply for google adsense.

      ==>Nairaland is one of the most populous online forum in africa therefore, register their and use your current post url as your signature. Make relevant contribution on Nairaland and people will follow your signature down to your site.

      ==>Create a Facebook Fanpage for your site and invite all your friends on FB to like the page. Any post you published, always share it on your facebook and facebook page at thesame time, draw a link back to your site.

      ==>If need be, you can advertise on facebook for more likes and traffic.

  5. Yomi, hello! I read your blog quite often.. .A friend told me about it. I'm impressed I must say. Well, I have a blog I'd like you to visit. I wasn't bothered about the monetary aspect from the onset and I focus on entertainment, nature and sometimes science…wanted to stand out as I'm a lover of nature anyway. So I'd appreciate if you check it out. I haven't published in a while though but after reading this post, I got motivated. Plus you and I should talk more.. .I'd appreciate your interest. Here's the site link:


    • Hello Tosin,
      I really appreciate you coming over here quite often. I just visited your blog now and the design is quite ok. Since you love blogging about Entertainment, Nature & Science, i want to urge you to keep it up. Consistency to a never ending assignment will always make you stand tall among your equal.

      Are you on BBM, if yes you can drop your bb pin let me add you up.

  6. Even though you don't have a blog, As anyone really tried Its' another way of making money online without a blog or whatsoever.

  7. Prof. I must say you are doing a very good job here.More grease to your elbow. I know just little about blogging and really wish to know more… This is my blog:… Just created it for fun a matter of fact I got tired of the blog at a time..

    • Hello Topsamjo,
      Common don't get tired of the blog, I just visited it and I saw two great post their. Atimes you just have to pick up the challenge and keep posting. That blog of yours is a business venture in disguise.

      This is what you'll do, write about what you love and share it on social media, and you will be amaze someone will wana higher you for advert or draw more traffic to ur site. The journey of 100 mile begins with a step.

    • Hello friend, I know the reason google adsense didn't accept you.

      Before that, add Home, About Us and Privacy policy page to ur top menu

      And then add more quality post you wrote by yourself to your sie before reapplying back.
      That niche whre u are is one of the best niche ever bcos traffic will always flow in.

    • Babaloaded, I loyal to your government oooo, webmaster na you be Oga oooo…! You have a unique forum and adsense and ebook sales will make you real money.

      In a forum site, e-book sales is verymuch adviceable for the owner bcos ur reader see you as a specialist in that field. By the way have you tried applying for adsense before?

    • hello Ify, your blog seriously need a redesign bcos the header is too big. It seems i've reviewed your blog before. Adsense normally approve blogs with simple background. Also add Home about you and privacy policy page to your site.

    • Try and add a Privacy Policy page to your blog. I just visited it and it contains more info but the header seems to be too big. Don't give up on that blog man, that is a money generating machine.

  8. i have two niche do you suggest two different domain name? which hosting do you suggest for me as a starter i someting cheap

    • You don 't need two domain name for two differnt niche except if the niche doesn't tally with each other. E.g Entertainment and tech doesn't go with each other but Entertainment and a little bit of health tips goes some how hand in hand.

      The truth is, why not centre on one you know you can do well with ease, then build more traffic to it before thinking of the other. I must be sincere with you, it's not easy maintaining two site with different niche.

      At the moment, i'll recommend web4africa because their services are reliable. And their hosting services too are cheap. Whogohost is another Nigerian Hosting company starting with #2,500

  9. I've never been this motivated for a long time now! After reading your post, I've come to a conclusion; "I really need to learn how to blog". Thanks Yomi

    • Hello Omalicha Ezike, Im Okey, Im in Nnewi currently, If you are interested you can link up with me I woud definitely teach you to your satisfaction!!!
      You can call me on this No. 08151196619

    • Helo friend,
      It is a good decision to learn web-design; since you are in Anambra, and someone already commented above willing to help, give him a trial and if you need some material, i'll always help you with that.

  10. prof is like am giving up already prof pls help me redesign it nah pls. I don know where to start again pls prof just help me do whatever that can be done to get approve from google adsense pls prof thanks.

    • Common friend, don't give up on it except you don't know why you are into it. Your first aim shouldn't be to get google adsense approval but to meet a need, then adsense can come secondary.

      It will be nice if I guide you through designing it instead of doing it for you so that you'll know how to do it yourself bro… Don't give up on it.

  11. hello prof at thesame time sir.

    First off i av multiple questions..

    My name is Bright Light am kind of diffrnt frm all this.. I own a mobile site.. And i kind of belive G-adsense is a dead end for non-bloggers. If am right or wrong tell me.

    2ndly… you mention pays like G-adsense.. Brief me

    3rd… In bloggin cant mobile be use in posting updates?

    Hope for a quick reply
    Thank again for this thread

    My site url is

    • Hello Mr Bright, I think your believe is somehow questionable. Google adsense is not a dead end for non blogger. You mustn't have a blog before you get adsense approval. If you can upload videos on youtube and you get good traffic views, you will get adsense approval.

      Time will not permit me to share with you 2hrs trick of getting adsense approval without a blog.

      Secondly, I don't think i was the one who mention but let me just chip in something; is the africa largest video uploading site. not only that, it's pays hugely like google adsense.
      You don't need to have a site or a blog before you earn from All you need to do is to sign up and post the link to a particular video to any social media; once someone click on it, straght to the video site, and perform an action on that site, your money will be accumulating.

      Thirdly, you can use mobile for blogging and posting your update. But you must make sure it is a reliable mobile device.

  12. pls help me to check this my blog site @,pls i will also know to how make use of "continue reading" to implement it in my previous and new blog posts,also how can design the landpoint logo and header,what kind of application can use for publishing my blogposts and how to get approved easily through google adsense and so will be appreciated bros!

    • Good morning mr Sunday, I just checked your blog now and I think it needs a little touch of perfection. You've done a good job bro.

      You don't need to worry if you know nothing about header design or even how to use designing app. You can easily get someone who is good in that to do it for you. But always maintain the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple & Smooth).

      To apply the read more tag to any of your blog post, kindly follow the pictorial link below to learn how to do that.
      How to add continue reading to blog post

    • You've done a nice job for even creating a blog. Meanwhile, before google will approve any site, it must be some months old. What you need to do now is to work more on your traffic generation tactics; and also try to be original. Copy and paste is not ideal for a unique blogger.

      Write your own post yourself.

  13. Hello mr prof plse I just buy a new bold 5 phone but the problem am facing is, I login my former bbm ID but all my bbm contact did not added to my new phone pls how can I do it pls ? You can relpy my message on whatsapp with 08102227051 and oderswebsite admin andhowcan I register a google ass for my blogger site

    • Ideally, it's suppose to display all your contact the moment you login with your old blackberry login details. Since it didnt' display, and if you still have your old blackberry with you, then do the following;

      Connect your old BlackBerry, and open Desktop Manager, then Backup and Restore. Click the Advanced Button. Once the device databases have loaded, find BlackBerry Messenger. Highlight it, then click the arrow pointing to the blank column to the left.

      This will copy your BB Messenger list to a backup file. Once its transfered, disconnect your old BlackBerry and connect your new BlackBerry. Perform the exact oposite procedure. Copy BlackBerry Messenger from left to the right.

      You should then see all your contacts on your new BlackBerry.

    • Hello Mr Vincent,
      Add Home, About us and Privacy Policy Menu to your site. And make sure you have atleast 20 original post you wrote yourself on your blog. Then apply for adsense and you'll be approved.

  14. thanks for the reply ealier prof, i appreciate.

    the 2hrs trick of gettin G-adsense without a blog can u share me a link were i can read up.

    I visited nd it redirected me to it that right??

    Another is what must i do or add in my mobile site ( to get g-adsense approval

    Pls prof is a mobile site dnt forget dat.. U got to help me out ma traffic is wasting

    I hope for your humble reply..
    bright light.

    • Hello Sunday, click on the previous post you have published from the dashboard, and hit the edit button then you can now repeat the same procedures you used in the other.

  15. Hapy new month mr Yomi. My name is Andrew I posted my site on your blog yesterday, that was the very day I established the blog. Sorry I copied one of your post. I copied it because I wag testing something if your recheck my blog you will see where it is boldly written 'ORIGINALLY FROM WWW. YOMIFROF.COM.
    My main aim for writing this is because I want you to guide me through this path I just take (blogging)
    I want you to tell me how I can attract more viewers and how I can make them comment on my post.
    I am currently writing on stuff like celebrities /political news, inspiration, mobile tips, latest happenings and movies /musics not (important) . Are they ideal?
    How can I generate income or peanut from this 2 day old blog I currently have about 400 views but no comment.
    How can I have a third party URL just like your? Can u help me?
    Mr yomi I will b very grateful if you reply me soonest
    You can add me on whatsapp 08164412295 or drop your whatsapp number for me to pm you thanks.

    My blog

    • Hello friend,
      I luv passion and the zest you attach to this Bloggin sphere. First thing that should come to your mind in Bloggin, is not money first but meeting a need first.

      I'll check your blog out at thesame time urge you to try and be updating ur blog daily since you chose the entertainment niche. To make money from your blog will take you a little time but for the time being, work more on ur blog. I'll guide it if you need any help. To get more visitors, and attract more comment, is equally a process. I'll add you up on whatsapp.

  16. Nice information. I have read those information which you mentioned here. It's very useful for those who are looking for ways to earn money online. I am doing reselling business to earn money .Reseller is nothing but getting product from someone fixing high rate for those products and then earning money by getting commission from them. To do this we must have a reseller account .I got a reseller account from here they provide basic and pro reseller plans. I chosen basic reseller plan using which i bought domain names, website builder service, web designing services and so on. After that i fixed high rate for those services and sold them .I earn quick cash through this business. According to me reseller business is one of the best way to make money online.

  17. Hello my name is Adebisi Olayinka John please i would like to just hear from you and let me know the complications i have been facing lately hope to hear from you soon. Here is my blog address please check it for me i am a student in uniosun and i was unable to get google adsense please can you help me out pls you can also reply me via my email address at [email protected] i also owned the blog but due to the discouragement i was not motivated to keep on pls help me i have an able mobile phone, laptop, all this have been made available just for me to keep the ball rolling pls i need your help. Love you, God bless you…….

  18. Hello my name is Adebisi Olayinka John please i would like to just hear from you and let me know the complications i have been facing lately hope to hear from you soon. Here is my blog address please check it for me i am a student in uniosun and i was unable to get google adsense please can you help me out pls you can also reply me via my email address at [email protected] i also owned the blog but due to the discouragement i was not motivated to keep on pls help me i have an able mobile phone, laptop, all this have been made available just for me to keep the ball rolling pls i need your help. Love you, God bless you…….

  19. Hello my name is Adebisi Olayinka John please i would like to just hear from you and let me know the complications i have been facing lately hope to hear from you soon. Here is my blog address please check it for me i am a student in uniosun and i was unable to get google adsense please can you help me out pls you can also reply me via my email address at [email protected] i also owned the blog but due to the discouragement i was not motivated to keep on pls help me i have an able mobile phone, laptop, all this have been made available just for me to keep the ball rolling pls i need your help. Love you, God bless you…….

    • Work on your header image and blog description

      Change your background color to something like plain or white. That black color is odd. Add popular post, recent post, related post widget to ur blog.

      Your blog need a good redesign and original post.

      Note, this thread is not for blog review

    • Make your site SEO friendly. One of the ways you can do that is by applying link juice.

      Always drop a copy of your post on all social media after publishing so that your friends and family can click to read it.

      Always drop meaningful contribution on popular forum like nairaland with a link back to your blog.

      Make your blog rich in content in such a way that your readers will always want to come back for more. The best form of traffic is seo.

  20. My Prof which site is the best to create a blog… I don't have a laptop for now. . Blog (Info about technology>> that I can use my Infinix Hot x507 to create and desktop also, 'cause the place I work there is a desktop there. Thanks my Prof. Also help me out with tutorials. Iam a newbie in the field.

    • Hello Kenny, since you do not have a laptop for now, I'll suggest you sacrifice ur time and make use of cyber cafe to create your own blog. Once it's created, you can be blogging with your mobile phone.

    • My prof the thing is that I can't click on the "sign up for AdSense" link. It's not clickable and its telling me that my blog is currently not qualified for AdSense.
      The blog is nearly two months old but I have really invested time and resources on it.
      I don't knw why I can't still sign up for AdSense. My prof any advice?

    • Two months with all those rich contents… You've done a good job on that blog. Normally blogger dashboard for Adsense is not clickable except you blog is upto 6months old. Did you try going through the normal Adsense sign up site since you have a custom domain name?

      While you wait, keep ur blog busy with affiliate marketing ads like Jumia or konga and also I learnt priestAds pays like Adsense. Try them out while you wait for Adsense.

    • Yes, it's absolutely normal. It's d review stage and after 24 to 48hrs, you will recv d second message from adsense confirming or rejectn ur adsense approval.

    • Your blog isn't bad at all but if you can use a plain background, I think it will be pretty much better. And also if you can add flowing share widget so that we readers can easily share your blog content to every social media platform will be much appreciated.

      Keep up the good work bro.

    • I love your blog content and niche… i just added it to my daily reading list. However, you need affiliate marketing ads on your blog cos you need to make hell of money from that too. Jumia or Konga won't be a bad idea if you enroll for their Affiliate program

  21. Oga prof… …. i'm so much interested in this post,comments and your replies,  bcos it points out a lot of flaws about my blogging potential.. kindly help review this blog sir, I'm yet to apply for google AdSense…   your reviews and critiques will be so mich appreciated….  my bbm pin sir 53007B0D. Kindly add me up sir.

  22. I really enjoyed reading your post prof, quite informative.Keep it up sir!

    Please i want to know if adding an affiliate link to my blog can stop google adsense from taking me because presently i'm told my blog doesnt currently qualify for adsense so google adsense tab is disabled…Also how do i add the continue reading to my post?. My blog is just a week old and i have about 400 viewers already. my site is:

    Looking forward to an urgent reply sir. Thanks!


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