Will You be Willing to Pay 9% Tax on Calls, SMS & Data You Use?

This country called Nigeria is already experiencing tough
economic hardship, economic recession and the truth remain increase in
taxation will reduce consumption pattern of Consumers. Everything is on the high side right now…

For your information, the Federal Government of Nigeria is
considering passing a bill called the Communication Service Tax CST bill into Law. The bill
which seeks to levy 9% on subscribers for the use of the various
communication services.

The services includes, voice call, SMS, MMS, Data usage from telecommunication
service providers, internet service providers and Pay TV Stations.

The Minister of Communication, Shittu disclosed this in a recent meeting held
in Lagos by the Lagos Chambers of Commerce Industry.

I am not in supports of this bill at
all… This is hardship redefine… Will you as a subscriber willing to pay 9% tax
on calls you make, SMS you send and data you use in browsing?
Your opinion is needed here
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24 thoughts on “Will You be Willing to Pay 9% Tax on Calls, SMS & Data You Use?”

  1. Nigeria is heading to where I really can't imagine. Now they want to task the poor all in a bit to generate fund for the government. Those stealing the money have not been prosecuted.

  2. APC/BUHARI is fraud…. we know PDP is corrupt but we never experience this hardship during their regime… with facts on ground now, I will confidently say I prefer PDP than APC….

  3. oga yomi, am sorry i know is not the right place

    please i need ur advice on this?

    i want to buy phone infinix HOT S or HOT 4?




  4. we are crying that telecoms are charging us much,now they want to introduce this..it would be more reason to extort us the more


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