MTN Launches Beep Services – Here is Everything You Need to Know Below

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that I need more cheap data packages than cheap call credit, but MTN chooses to introduce Beep, a service that allows you to flash your loved ones when you are out of call credit.

MTN Beep is a new service from the telecom provider that allows Customers who have run out of airtime, or those with insufficient airtime on their lines, to flash their loved ones. It will appear as a missed call on their number.

MTN Beep service

Here is Everything You Need to Know About MTN Beep

1. MTN Beep service will enable customers to reach out to their loved ones even with zero balance on their lines.

2. All MTN customers who have run out of airtime or have insufficient airtime balance to make a call can use this service.

3. The service will apply both to on-net and off-net calls, i.e. MTN to MTN Calls and MTN to other local networks. 

4. Customers will not be charged for using the MTN Beep service.

5. Customer has 20 beep service calls a day

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will a customer know s/he is eligible to use MTN Beep service?

A. Every customer with insufficient airtime to make a call is automatically eligible to use the MTN Beep service.

Q.What happens when a customer makes a call with insufficient airtime from his/her phone?

A. When a customer attempts to make a call with insufficient airtime, s/he will hear the start of call announcement below

“Your balance is too low for this call. Dial *904*airtime amount# to buy airtime directly from your bank. Thank you”

  • Then the following will happen Customer A will receive an SMS on his/her phone with the content below:

“You have successfully dropped a flash call on 23480xxxxxxxx @ hh: mm”

  • A Flash Call (missed call) will be seen on the recipient’s phone.

Q. Will customers be charged for listening to the start of the call announcement?

A. No they will not be charged.

You can check more of the FAQ here.

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  1. I agree with you Prof, data is the only luxury we need in these dire times. Nice innovation though, even as some will abuse this service as always


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