62,709 Subscribers Ported to Other Networks so far

Do you still remember Mobile Network Portability (MNP)? It allows subscribers to migrate from one network to another, in search of quality service, while still retaining their original phone numbers, irrespective of the network the subscriber chooses to migrate to.

This initiative was launched 5 years ago by NCC and so far, it has not gotten the success expected.

mobile network portability

According to the statistics obtained from NCC for the first 5 month of this year, shows that 62, 709 subscribers ported to other networks.

33,772 subscribers left their respective networks, while 33, 437 telephone users moved to new networks within the period under review.

MTN received into its network 12, 965 subscribers; national operator, Globacom got 3283; embattled 9Mobile 8984 and Airtel NG received 8205 new customers.

In terms of those who ported out of the networks, statistics showed that MTN lost 6614 customers; Globacom 9453; 9Mobile 9526 and Airtel 8259.

It seems instead of subscribers to port, they simply abandon their sim and get another network sim, no wonder the success of the initiative is crawling in Nigeria.

Atleast every single Nigerian have up to 3 different network sim. Have you ported your Sim before? How has been your experience with the new network?

For me, I haven’t and I’m not thinking of doing so anytime soon.


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16 thoughts on “62,709 Subscribers Ported to Other Networks so far”

  1. I have not ported before and i don’t think i will ever. It’s easier buying new network/s since our phones can use multiple SIM

  2. No need of buying new sim except if ur number is not important to you. Well, Am a crazy porter. I ported from glo to mtn. I also ported from Etisalat to airtel. Then I ported from airtel to mtn. Note they are different numbers. Lol.

  3. when my sister first ported 2 years ago the experience wasn’t so great, but now it’s settles to be an awesome experience for her. though I don’t plan on porting from mtn

  4. My very first gsm line bought in 2004 wey be Glo then is now with Airtel. 2k for 7gb Airtel plan dey work wella on it

  5. I ported from glo to airtel last month. Porting might be a necessity when you have a number attached to your business, and you need to be fully transacting with that number while the domicile network is causing headache

  6. “It seems instead of subscribers to port, they simply abandon their sim and get another network sim”.. Prof this your statement is the whole truth.


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