LG unveils world’s first 8K OLED TV

LG has shown off its new 8K (7,680 x 4,320) OLED TV at IFA 2018.

The 88-inch display is the first 8K OLED TV in the world, boasting over 33 million self-emitting pixels.

LG said the display also maintains the impressive contrast ratio and true blacks which define its OLED lineup.


The company sees a bright future ahead for the display technology, stating that OLED TV shipments are expected to double in 2018 and reach over nine million units by 2022.

“LG’s first 8K OLED TV is the pinnacle of technological achievement and the next evolutionary step in display technology,” said LG Home Entertainment president Brian Kwon.

“4K OLED played a major role in reshaping the TV industry and LG is confident that 8K OLED will do the same.”

There is currently no pricing or release date information available for the 8K OLED TV.


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17 thoughts on “LG unveils world’s first 8K OLED TV”

  1. When 4k oled is still a big deal for most peeps 8k is out.. I mean even the 4k the human eye can’t even tell the difference in pixels quality.

  2. “33 million self-emitting pixels”…….. WOW! LG have always been forerunners in this TV niche. This one has just revolutionized the game!


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