What if This Happen in Nigeria? Pay N20 to Use Social Media Everyday

What if this happen in Nigeria? After all the government has been looking for a way to regulate social media and I’m guessing Uganda Govt just showed them the way.

The Uganda Parliament has passed into law late Wednesday imposing a tax of 200 shillings ($0.05, 0.04 euro, N20) a day on users of so-called “over the top” services which publish content bypassing traditional distributors.


This means that users of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and other social media in Uganda will have to pay a daily tax  of N20 per day from July 2018.

Although, the new law does not spell out how the tax would be applied and collected in practice.

Finance minister David Bahati said the aim of the legislation was only to raise revenue for public services.

But earlier in March President Museveni wrote to the finance ministry urging the introduction of the tax as a way to deal with the consequences of online “gossip”.

According to him, it was to stop young people from gossiping.

Meaning Yearly, #LazyUgandanYouth will be paying N7200 to use social media. What if this happen in your country? You pay to use Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat etc?

Another way to extort money from the citizens.

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29 thoughts on “What if This Happen in Nigeria? Pay N20 to Use Social Media Everyday”

  1. I think use of vpn will become must then. Let them introduce it, there must be a wayout. Plenty cheat go come out again

  2. if it happens in Nigeria it would be highly pathetic. like why would I have to pay 720o naira annually to access whatsapp and the likes?

  3. You mean after buy data or just to pay $0.05 without subbing for data and enjoy all social ?
    If such happen here that mean it’s unlimited for one day
    Anyway I will bypass them with VPN but I trust our government they can’t do such law

  4. Absolutely nonsense. I Would be the last person to pay such tax. It won’t work in Nigeria ??. If they try it , it would be fun anyway .

  5. Unlimited all the way if they mistakenly introduce it in Nigeria, I trust Nigeria guys they’ll convert it to unlimited browsing cheats

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