WhatsApp Hit 1 Billion Daily Active Users

Like play like play, WhatsApp hits 1.Billion daily active
users. It is another milestone achieved by the company today. As at last year,
WhatsApp had 1 Billion monthly active users and now, the growth is tremendous.

In a blog post, the Facebook-owned company announced this milestone,
also stating that the monthly active user base has increased to 1.3 billion.
Furthermore, almost 55 billion messages are shared every day in 60 supported
. Videos shared per day are now at 1 billion, and photos shared per
day are at 4.5 billion.
According to WhatsApp in a blog post, Just last year, we shared that one billion people around the
world use WhatsApp every month. Today, we are excited and proud to share
that one billion people around the world use WhatsApp every
day to stay in touch with their family and friends.
For comparison, Facebook announced back in June that it’s
now at around 2 billion monthly users as Facebook Messenger alone surpassed 1.2
billion monthly users
as of April. Instagram separately announced in June that
it was at 250 million daily active users, and Snapchat announced 166 million
active users as of its last announced numbers back in May.
I’ll be surprise if you say you are not using WhatsApp…
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  1. This is huge and a testament to their domination of the IM market and at this rate no IM can catch up to them by the way prof how exactly does the company make money from the the app as it is free of charge and there are no adverts.


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