Fix Your Smartphones Problems Here

This is the first Saturday of 2017, and it will be paramount
to do what we know how to do best, which is fixing mobile device issues.
Smartphones are like humans who can be active for a whole week and in the next
hour, down with fever. Smartphones needs to be serviced, fixed or restore back
to default to ensure its effective functionality.

If your smartphone is misbehaving or giving your headache,
report the issues below let’s fix it for you Don’t
just seat and wonder if your sick smartphone will ever work again, save a life,
save your smartphone and don’t give up on it yet.
So use the comment box, tell us what is wrong your
smartphones and possible solutions will be proffered to you.
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138 thoughts on “Fix Your Smartphones Problems Here”

  1. Hi,I use a a xiaomi redmi note 3 pro, I have problem updating it, it simply writes, update failed when I restart it that I should download the full rom.then the flash also stopped working which I feel it's due to its inability to update

    • Hello Oluwatosin,
      You cannot update your REdmi note 3 pro the Miui 8 with OTA. You need to download the full rom then flash it.

      See guide here will put your through.

  2. Good day prof. I have an infinix x551 cloned version which runs on android 6.0 marshmallow(fake as well). Unknowingly, before I came to discover that it was actually a cloned copy, I tried to degrade it to 4.4 os. Guy who did it used d real infinix ROM and now d fone is bricked. I downloaded 2 different ROMs from the internet and tried flashing with SP tool but I got error 5054 for d 1st file and error 4032 for d second. I tried flashing with Piranha box software and when I try to load scatter (preloaded) file, I get a prompt saying bad file, do not attempt write. Pls help me out. Thanks.

    • hello Jerry,
      I've had series of unforgettable encounters with some of this clone infinix smartphones that even flashing couldnot fix.

      My advice, get the exact same infinix X551 and flash it on your brick clone device. The roms you downloaded from the internet seems corrupted.

  3. I use gionee m3 .My sd card always say detected, ready to use. Its always on and off .at times it wl say card error dat i shud format whc av done one or twice. Is it dat d sd card is goin bad or phone issue.What can i do prof

  4. Hi prof, I av a rooted infinix hot 2 hanging virtually every 2mins…. And am thinking if I shud factory reset it prob it will start functioning well….. Or what do u think prof
    Pls I will like to knw how to factory reset manually if its gonna work.

    • You have too many apps running on it, and the ram is so small. Factory reset it. It will be alright after then. But back up your files and doc before you factory reset it.

  5. My prof, please is there no way you can help me upgrade my Gionee s5.5 to lollipop at least, please it's presently at kikkat 4.4.2 the economy no allow me change my phone just yet please help, thanks for your time

  6. Gud Afternoon Prof.
    Please, my infinix hot 3 keeps restarting itself. Amd it has been doing like dat for about 2 months now.
    I took it to their office and dey said i have to fix a little crack on the side of the screen for 17,400 before they can fix it for me. So, i took it to an engineer in ikeja to service it. But it is still going off once in a while. The phone is just 8 months old. Could it be a software issue? And will flashing it solve the problem?

    • Hello friend, N17,400 to fix a crack at the side of the screen… then how much is new infinix hot 3? How come about the crack?

      Doesn't the crack affect the power on or off button? If it doesn't, then factory reset it.

  7. I asked this question few threads back. I want to know if you can recommend someone within Osun-Ogun-Oyo-Lagos axis that can unlock a UK-locked phone for me. You can tell me the price…will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hello Mr Victor,
      Unfortunately, I don't have anyone around that area I can recommend. the guy I have in Lag has disappeared into thin air. But you can actually unlock it online if you know the network it is locked to

  8. pls I use a Lenovo A390t, but I don't get 3g network, I have tried all the Sims available, even the settings menu where u can change ur network from 2g to 3g is not available, what do I do please

    • Hello Spotty,
      Ever since you've been using the Lenovo A390t, have you had 3G network on it before? From my little understanding of your Lenovo specification, it doesn't supports NG 3G Band…

  9. Hello yomi, my cousin is using a partner mobile KS1 with 512mb and 1gb inbuilt storage. but it keeps popping up with a notification that he doesn't av enough storage. he is using a 8gb SD card and all his apps are on d SD card. I'm guessing its d Google play services that is eating up d internal memory. what do u advise ?

    • No, its not the Google play services but the inbuild memory is very low. There are some system apps that takes in space, Cache also takes in space. the apps you run on it also takes in space, this alone is enough to pop out insufficient memory.

      Go to settings>>Apps>>Click on individual apps and clear its cache except Google Play services and Google play store. The thesame for every other apps. once done, reboot your device and check if that pop still display.

  10. Hello boss, my infinix x-551 have refuse to install some certain app after I formatted it, its not installing app like MX player, Instagram and some video player related app like that, what can I do sir…have tried every possible solution I find online I have re-format it more than twice now

  11. Please help me out sir, i tried to do factory reset to my samsung galaxy tab 4 – 7in after serious virus attack, after the reset and reboot the tab, it shows samsung logo once and then android logo and stuck there (even for 7 hours ), it does not boot in ,please what should l do.

  12. Goof day, thanks for the good work here, am using gtide e90, am having issues low memory to install app when am using official ROM and also having issue internal memory corupt when I install third party ROM but have enough memory to install apps, pls is there any possible solutions

    • Hello P.I.M,
      do this, go to settings>>apps>>Click on individual apps and clear its cache but don't touch google play store and google play service.

      Do this for every app you have installed, and reboot your device. Once done, also check for application you don't use, uninstall it and you are good to go.

      If it doesn't fix it, factory reset your device.

  13. good day prof, my phone has charging issues, it displays battery temperature is too low whenever I plugged in the charger, even when. I switch it off, it sometimes stops charging

  14. Sir I av tecno y2 rooted phone, but anytime I switch it on or I reboot, two service messages wil come into it even if there is no Sim on it… I used king root to root and av deleted d app what can I do to stop the messages anytime I reboot it?

  15. Hello Prof, I'm using lenovo lemon 3 which doesn't come with Google play store and I tried installing it via a thread I found on xda developer. So after installation, I restarted my phone but couldn't boot up again. I did a wipe but didn't solve the prob. Then I downloaded the stock rom and tried flashing using QFIL software but its giving me error message, Sahara failed. Pls help out.

  16. I'm Kachi. When i switch on my glo 3g Internet, it automatically turns on the gps. And the gps chops battery anyhow. I use an infinix hot note x551. A lot of ppl have this problem with no solution to it.

  17. Hello mr yomi anytime I try to update apps on my iPhone 5 it will tell me to enter the password of the Apple Store that was logged in before my own in which i don't know the password… Please what can I do?

    • Hello Emmanuel,
      iOS is like that… Did you create your own appstore password when you bought the phone from the first owner? Without that, you can't update any app nor the OS.

  18. Hello prof,
    Pls my phone is not getting 3G/H+ signal at all,it only gets E signal,I have tried other networks and I have even change the network mode setting,yet no solution.please help o,the E is extremely slow.
    The phone is Samsung G360T1.
    (The phone has been rooted during d course of getting a solution).thanks.

  19. Prof. My x551 infinix, had broken touch pad when it fell down and after That I took it to the repairer when he finished loosing the phone he coupled it back saying that he didn't find the parts, and since then the phone has been switching on and off by itself, I took it back to him and he can't rectify it, most at times when you insert it in the pocket it will go off, and start rebooting. I'm tired of it.

  20. Good morning prof, I'm Ahmed. My unilorin tab 2 stuck on bootloop (stay on, on logo 4ever ) i wipe/factory set it & d no gree go back 2 normal oo… pls help

    • You'll need to deactivate it to save your battery.

      >>Tap Settings
      >>Scroll down, tap Security
      >>Scroll down, tap Remote controls
      >>Enter the password for your Samsung account, tap OK in top right

      >>Slide the switch in the top right corner towards the left, where it should change to grey

  21. Hello prof …I have a small g fen phone just this morning it started showing earphones plugged in and then earphones plugged out when there are no earphones at all connected not even 100m close…

  22. Hello prof, I'm having problem with a gionee M5 mini.i flashed it with a file called primo Rm2 mini file which is the only file obtainable and the screen has been displaying black and white. Please is there a correct file for this device? I've really searched without success. Thank you

  23. My gionee p5 mini keeps restarting itself. This has been going on for day and to think that its a new phone baffles do I fix it? I've tried flashing it with the stock rom but the one I downloaded is giving me chip error on flastool.

    • Hello friend, You don't need to flash it. Which app did you downloaded before it started behaving that way?

      Uninstall any recent apps you downloaded, Go to settings>>Apps>>Clear individual app cache except google services and playstore. Reboot your device and check the performance.

      If it still persist, you'll need to check if all you apps are upto date, if not, update them.

      Your last resort is Factory reset.

  24. Good evening oga yomi, my smartphone is having serious problem. (1) my phone overheat alot (2) it hang frequently (3) it opens some website without my authorization anytym my data is on. Am using lg optimus g pro

  25. Am using gtide e90 with 2 gig ram, but with official rom on it, i always have problem of memory space but any time i put custom rom it the problem of memory space is gone but any time my phone is off and i on it back, the internal memory will be telling me to format the internal memory.

  26. Hi yomi, I am a old time fan. I use an infinix x509, and it often shows an error "ATTENTION sim card is not connected. Please make sure your simcard is correctly inserted", which goes on and off. Please how can I rectify this. Many thanks

  27. Please my htc desire is a verizon make. Its has lte/cdma and also global option in the network option. But anytime i put it on lte/cdma the network signal goes off and doesn't come bk until i put it back to global. Please are there any solutions? Thanks

  28. Hello Prof, I use HTC one m8, the issue is that my camera is misbehaving. If I put on the camera, it will come up and within seconds, it shuts off automatically without even snapping. And at other times, I can use the selfie camera only, need help to correct the rear camera please.

  29. I have charging problem with my X551. It has a non removable battery. The problem is it doesn't flash charge anymore. I have changed cord to 3 different types of USB cord, still no flash charging just charging normal (and that can take hours)

    • If recording works well and ur calling has problem that show recording use different mean to take voice in…
      You can try contact UMI them self to help you out via their facebook page or forum.

  30. prof, i am having an infinix X551 my dialer is very slow it takes time to show me which sim to select for a call and delay when am about to dial any number , i ried cache partition wipe but still not fast

  31. Good morning Prof..
    My H7 is Giving serious headache… I'm unable to receive calls when even I try too pick up it will end the call saying. stopped… And several times it says launcher stopped of which I have wipe out the factory reset many time I don't know the problem

  32. good evening boss, pls after installing s Samsung S5 custom rom on my infinix hot note x551 pro, after booting the screen didn't touch. pls aw can I rectify this error. tnx

  33. Hello please my tecno spark k7 available storage is more but I can't receive any incoming messages, the message keeps popping up insufficient space. I uninstalled a few apps but still isn't working

  34. Hello Yomi, someone reset my phone (Gionee M5 Mini) settings/memory trying to connect me to a WiFi. Now, I can’t make calls, receive text massage, load credit nor check my account balance. My p tells me (Invalid USSD code) when I try to check my account balance or load a recharge card. Please I need your help as soon as possible cos I am frustrated already. Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

  35. Hello Prof, good day. Someone reset my phone (Gionee M5 Mini) settings/memory trying to connect me to a WiFi. Now, I can’t make calls, receive text massage, load credit nor check my account balance. My p tells me (Invalid USSD code) when I try to check my account balance or load a recharge card. Please I need your help as soon as possible cos I am frustrated already. Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

  36. Hello Prof, good day. Someone reset my phone (Gionee M5 Mini) settings/memory trying to connect me to a WiFi. Now, I can’t make calls, receive text massage, load credit nor check my account balance. My p tells me (Invalid USSD code) when I try to check my account balance or load a recharge card. Please I need your help as soon as possible cos I am frustrated already. Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

    • Hello Romeo,
      to fix your smartphone error, kindly reboot your device and it will be fixed. Otherwise do the below if error persist.->

      Reboot in safe mode.

      To reboot in safe mode:
      –>Turn off your device
      –>Press and hold the power button to turn on, continue to hold until the logo screen appears
      –>Press and hold the volume down button until the reboot is finished
      –>You should see “Safe mode” at the bottom corner of your screen

      Once in safe mode, try entering the MMI code you were using before to see if the problem persists. If you don’t have issue sending the message at this point, then most likely an app you recently installed is causing the conflict. You can start by uninstalling the most recent app and go from there.

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