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The other day, I shared a vital, expensive information that was men’t
to be sold for free on Importation Business because It’s something that has
worked for me and I want others too to benefit. I’m sure you all got the ebook I sent. Please, guard the information
jealously… those of you that must have visited the link will see that it’s
actually pays to order online. Before you order for any products, kindly read
the review of each supplier so that you won’t be scammed. 

Today, for the benefit of new bloggers  who desired to earn online or for those who
don’t even have blog at all but still want to make money online. I know you all
love to watch movies from your smartphones most especially Nigerian Movies. Do
you know you can be paid for watching movies online or uploading movies online…?
Well, this may not be new to you but new to others. I’ll
share with you simple ways to earn online, and it pays like google adsense.
iReporters ,  Africa’s
largest internet TV, enables producers of good quality video content upload,
distribute, and make money from their videos. Your own Job is to  upload your video or promote existing videos
on social media, blog or any means.  iReportersTv hosts it for free and offers you tools
to help you effectively promote your videos online and pays you for every
single view of the video.
How Can I Start?
==>Go to iReporters site here to sign up
==>create a channel
==>And upload or promote videos here
You will also be provided links to
enable you promote your videos on other platforms like your blog or social
media accounts or even email. The more eye balls you attract to your video, the
more money you make.
There is also an iFollow button that
enable viewers who love your content to follow your channel, that way they will
get an alert each time you publish a new video, helping you build an audience
of regular viewers. tracks the number of views your videos get
and pays you for every view. What you earn for each view depends on your
cumulative views for the month and starts at $2 for 1,000 views. If you can
generate views of between 200,000 and 500,000 views, you will earn $3 for 1,000
views, and $4 for 1,000 views if you can generate over 500,000 views in a

How Can I Record My Videos?
You can record videos from with your Android, Blackberry or even Nokia phones or PC teaching people how to cook, tutorial or so. If you love baking, why don’t you just record a one time video, upload it and watch it fatten your bank account; because there are so many people who want to learn what you know how to do best.
So start earning without limitation.
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57 thoughts on “iReporters – How to Earn Big With”

  1. Prof ads have been showing on my blog 4 a month now but i have not receive approval message from this normal please.

    • Yes i have been approve and i have created up to 8 new ads unit of my own. But my question is, is it normal not to have receive approval message after like one month that their ads have been showing on my blog and if no how can i contact them.

    • Lol, 8 new ads kee? Note that the ads units that must appear on ur site shouldn't be more than 3 or else it might lead to a ban from adsense.

      It is normal to be approved and not be notified. No need to contact them except you want them to remember to disapprove you.

  2. prof yomi.. please i've been asking you this question but you havent reply me .. am vry sorry for postin it here , its concernin Glo bis on android. i have abt 4.5gig now till October and i've been tryin to add to my gig bt i keep getting this "Sorry, you are not allowed to make this change. Kindly choose another Data Plan.” why is tht??? or do i have to exhaust my 4.5gig before i can subscribe again??

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