AFFILIATE MARKETING – How You Can Make Your First 50K Within 5days Online

In the words of the wise, Money makes money, and more money makes you more money. The other day, I talked about Multiple Streams of Income and how to redesign your blog so that advertisers can be attracted to put their ads on your blog. Luckily enough, after reviewing someone blog, he got an adsense approval.

Today, I’ll show you one of the easiest way to make money with your blog regardless of the niche you fall. If you follow what you are about to read diligently, you are sure of making nothing less than 50k weekly without you worrying about your adsense earning.Wether you have adsense approval or not, it doesn’t matter; but wait, in due cause, I’ll show you how to get approved by adsense easily.

Back to business, I’d promised to write on this topic AFFILIATE Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another company’s product. Do you know that I earn my first 50k within a week via affiliate marketing
Your blog sidebar is not just for fun, it’s men’t for money making. One amazing thing about this kind of business, is to find a product people are buying; ask yourself this question, “what product are people buying?” Once you are able to answer this question, then you are ready for business.

Before you venture into this, the key to successful affiliate program centres around the trust your readers have for your  blog and the relevancy.
Remember you have nothing to loose trying this but you’ve everything to loose not giving it a trial at all…

Types of Affiliate Marketing
Their are different types of affiliate marketing but I’ll just touch the one’s I’ve tried and are suitable for your country.

1.Amazon: Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce site in the world used by billions of people. If you have a website or blog and want to monetize it, the Amazon
Associates program is a good way to add affiliate money making
opportunities. With this program, you can add links to any item on
Amazon’s site to your website and get commission when someone clicks the
link or makes a purchase.
You can read more about Amazon Affiliate Program here

2. Konga AFFILIATE Program: I think this discussion is getting sweeter. Konga one of the largest E-commerce site in Nigeria and gradually extending to other part of the country; allow bloggers to earn by placing ads on their blog. Once your reader follow the link on your blog, and eventually purchase something on their E-commerce site, then you earn a commission. I love this because if you are lucky enough, and someone purchase a product worth 70k and above your commission grow. One thing with this Konga Affiliate programe is that anytime the person purchase again, your earn another commission; and on registering, Konga will give you a commission of #500.
To begin with Konga Affiliate Program
==>Register here

3. Jumia AFFILIATE Program: The truth of the matter is, people will always purchase some thing online. I buy online almost every week; and the same thing is applicable to almost everybody.
Jumia Affiliate Program works just like Konga but Jumia associates get up to 9% commission for one sale when
customers use the links for purchases. For the first month, associates
earn 500 NGN on top of the commission for each order.

Why Should I Try Jumia Affiliate Programe?
==>You don’t necessarily need a blog to try this, as you can place your ads on any social media
==>3% to 9% commission on every sale
==>Monthly Payment via Local bank transfer done by Jumia directly and not any third party
==>Minimum payment amount of 5000 NGN
==>Bonus for the first month 500 NGN on each sale on top of the commission
==>Great variety of attractive Banners and Text links
==>Don’t dull yourself, you have nothing to loose trying this program.

How To Register
==> Click here to register
Jumia will pay directly into your bank account once you reach the payment threshold.

Well, I’ve said enough, though their are still more but I think I should pause here. Do justice to anyone of your choice above.

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  1. Prof pls though commenting on d wrong post but I need ur help….d Glo Bis is annoying with it's permanent edge,I've used data fresh network app but still no use….pls is there any way out..I've tweaked my imei.

    • Are you sure you have 3G netwk in ur location? Remove ur Glo sim 4rm ur device and insert it in a BlackBerry phone if you have, make sure the 3G comes up. From ur android, set it to 3G only. Return ur glo sim bk to ur android once you've ascertained that 3G service is available.
      It shld work out fine now.

  2. pls proff hw can i activate the airtel 4gig???…and pls this gLo bis can it work on ma gionee p2???…if yes pls gv me de procedures…tank u as u do so

    • Don't give up on that blog ooo, hidden treasures are buried on that if you don't know. Linda Ikeji didn't study Bloggin in sch but she's a multi millionaire. What you need to do in order to revive it is to drop it under the post whre other blogs are been reviewed; I'll reviewed it for you and it will come back to life via ur determination.

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  4. yomiprof, please Sire I just created this blog now through I want you to help me to review it, so that I can know what to do to make it good like yours. and

  5. yomiprof, please Sire I just created this blog now through I want you to help me to review it, so that I can know what to do to make it good like yours. and

  6. You guys should rock this while it last. Yomi nice work
    new airtel cheat has emerged,U can dial *141*13*50# or *141*13*100# or *141*13*200#… Note, if one doesnt work, try d oda dat follows…

  7. thanks yomi for the quick update on request and can i use the links provided by the websites and pay for google advert so as to get thousands of visitors via my link without any blog or website.

    • Dial *440*161# on ur airtel sim and wait for the message. If you gat a message that u are eligible, den proceed to recharging #1500 on ur sim.

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  11. Affiliate marketing is one best way to make money online with your blog in Nigeria, sites like jumia, konga etc are good affiliate site in nigeria , i love them they are doing well.

  12. @prof You BOSS! Pls wen clicked on the affiliate program it brings out "use login USER NAME AND PASSWORD"
    Secondly, kindly (abeg) help me build a new blog cos I can't access nor post in mine.
    Email (sumeano or ([email protected]) thanks.

    • Hello Dr.Nell, long time… how are you.
      Do you jmean the Mobofree affiliate programm?
      Just click on sign up and a new form will display for you to register afressh.

      What's the link to your blog?

  13. I'v been thinking about this affiliate marketing, i just thought Google adsense will help me boost traffic on my blog too. That's why im still waiting.
    Prof which is the best way to get more traffic from Nigeria. My blog is being viewed in india mostly, as in, 65% Indians.

    • When you talk about traffic, it's not the work of adsense except if you advertise on google via Adwords.
      But if you really want to boost your site traffic, then you must concentrate more on your SEO ranking. Your site content must be seo friendly. And then FB and Twitter handle are not left out.
      Blog commenting with is also important.
      If you want more traffic from Nigeria, then your post should be such that Nigerians want to read.

  14. OK BOSS…. tnx
    Will try again.
    Ma blog link is… or pls better still, create a new 1 for me wit my above email. Cos some pple said dat my blog site isn't phone or mobile friendly.
    Will be very grateful

  15. Prof yomi, I red ur previous post on how to
    own a blog but was unable to create one. Can you please help me create a blog. I will be very grateful if u can help me.with this. Am a final year student and I need something I can be playing with and maybe even make something from it to survive. My email is [email protected]. thanks my boss.

    • Hello Ifeanyi,
      Go to wherever you want to copy the banner code from and go back to your dashboard… click on add widget and choose html/javascript widget. It will show the moment you save it.

  16. Yomi Prof you re the most friendliest person i have ever met especially when it comes to offering help… Thank You and keep up with the good work… My blog isnt dat popular my highest view on my blog in a month is just 500+… Please what kind of Pay Per click affiliate program can sign up to dat i wuld earn atleat N5000 to N10000 monthly.

    • Thanks Taofeek, I really appreciate your comment. 500 in a day is too small talkless of in a day. You need to effectively make use of the social media, twitter, Facebook and G+ to promote your blog. It has to go up. You also need to make quality post on nairaland with a link back to your blog cos you need readers.

      You an make N5000 in a month on Konga or Jumia. At thesame time, you can try out adsense

  17. @yomi would like to understand more about this affiliate marketing of a thing. Just started blogging in June though my pg view per day is always 700-1000. What is actually the requirements for one to apply for it.

    • 700 to 1000 for a 3mnth old blag isn't bad at all. No requirement at all so long you have a good blog. Affilate programme is all about you displaying third party product on your site, when ppl in turn buy the product tru ur site, you get paid a commission.


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