How You Can Start Ordering For Android Tablets For As Low As #6,500

Empowerment in the word of the
wise simply means enablement… In as much as I like sharing tweaks and cheaper
internet surfing, I also love to enhance your financial capability so that you
won’t just be available for count in your country, but can be counted upon; so
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One thing school didn’t teach us
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I’ve shared with you how you can
make money in different ways ranging from sales of MTN Data Bundle, affiliate marketing etc. But today, I’ll love to share something vital and important. If you don’t
have time to read this, you can as well print it out and read it at your
I’ll show you how you can buycheap Phones, Android tablets, Laptops at a more cheaper price… I mean buying an
Android Tablets for as low as #6,500 and reselling it @ 15k or 20k. It’s so
simple to do for every body. 
How Do I Buy Cheap Android Tablets?
==>Go to
Type in the search bar “Android
Tablets” and series of android tablets will come out with their prices
==>But let me draw your
attention to this particular one I saw below
Take a look at the spec preview

Operation system:Android 4.1 OS
–Screen:Five point capacitive
touch screen
–Memory:512MB RAM
–Dual cameras:front 0.3M,back 2M

–WIFI,3G external
–4000 MAH battery
And it’s been sold for Just #8,000

==>Take a look at another one
that is even more cheaper than the first

Look at the spec below;
Operation system:Android 4.2.2 OS
–Size:9 inch
–Screen:Five point capacitive
touch screen
–CPU: VIA 8880 Dual Core 
Cortex A9 1.5GHZ 
–Dual cameras:front 0.3M,back 2M

–WIFI,3G external
–4000 MAH battery
–Port:HDMI,USB port
And it’s been sold for just $41 (#6800)
depending on the number you are ordering for. 

How Can You Make Your Order?
You’ll be required to register
before you place your order. Once you’ve register, go ahead and place your
order and choose your secure payment method. They also make free shipment
depending on the supplier’s company.

You can easily order for large
quantity and resell them in your location at a more cheaper price. Just be wise
and smart.

Another one that you might want
to consider is that works just like Alibaba. All this tablets,
phones, Laptops are what people buy everyday, so the market is readily
Remember that money hurries away
from those who waste it and hurries to those who invest it.

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65 thoughts on “How You Can Start Ordering For Android Tablets For As Low As #6,500”

  1. I just got a price info details from the supplier @ alibaba now… and I can't believe what I saw. BlackBerry Q10 sold for 20k and in Naija here is abot 40k

    BlackBerry z30 #26,880 ($160)… Yomi tanks for this priceless info.

  2. pls Mr yomi,am really interested in this alibaba stuff but i dont know how to go about it. this my first time i want to order for something and i dont know the safer step to take,pls i really need you help and this my email [email protected]. kenny by name and also love the good work you are doing here.

  3. Bro you guys should make research the thing has ebook since ooh thanks yomi but its too risky they send broken things and they also send what you did not order they have high scam rate be wise check there scam rate before you tro your money inside lagun my broders before you check the product reply what people say about it stay blessed we all will make money some day…

  4. Good day,
    I need your help here,
    I am use to buy 1 or 2 jerseys on AliExpress with free shipping and it take 2/3week before collection, I want to pay for ship but I notice that it cost more than the item I order for""
    I base in Ib city
    Is there any other way to let my order faster than this because someone's in ib city here told me that is collected the order {Jersey} within a week, but he don't want to tell me the scope..
    I need your help.
    Thanks all


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