Make Free Call With Your Glo Line to Any Network

This seems to be coming late because I’ve been somehow pre-occupy over the weekend while leaving some of your questions unanswered but you can rock with this and it’s been rocking since yesterday. Lets hope it last a little before it will be blocked.

You can actually make free calls with your glo line to any network by just dialing a simple code but it seems to be sim selected, so if you have a glo line, give this a wet lips

How Can I Make Free Calls With My Glo Line?
Just dial  *170*26# as many times as you can and call any networks in Nigeria

I don’t know how long it will last but you can keep flexing it while it last.

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32 thoughts on “Make Free Call With Your Glo Line to Any Network”

  1. thanks bro but am still thinking of my symbian phone that has been kept silent for long not even a free opera handler cheat

  2. yes ooh you are right since this introduction of Android phone cheat is very scarce you guys have forgotten symbian cheat pls……. We stil nid Symbian cheat oooh and more over Andriod cheat dont even comes easily is so stressful

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    Please I am still waiting for the Etisalat Techno P3 Unlocking software.


  4. Pls Bro yomi am on the Glo bb plan on Android but mostly i use it with my laptop. The data bal is almost fully exhausted. Can i subscribe for another one while the former one is still on?? Really need your reply

  5. please prof how can i save my recovery file in cwv and how do i twist my imei to blackberry.i ma using tecno f7.please also add me on whats app really want to have a one on one conversation with you 07031187008


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