Drop Any Device Problem Here Let’s Solve it Together

I know you all have a lot of questions for me because I just
dive into your hearts and I can see and feel a lot of unanswered questions
concerning your device. Today is a good day and lets help solve those questions
together.  It will be so unfortunate in
your part if you claim you have a device but your device seems to be

your own
boss making you a mere  unverified servant
to that device. That’s not good enough.

For no reason should your device give you unfathomable
headache when you are the boss of the network. So feel free to post whatever
problem your device is having here lets’ see if we can help solve it together.
I know I’ve done something like this before and I’m still repeating it because
demand for it is extremely high either by bricking your device or your Android,
PC, BB or iPhone device makes you look dejected, defeated and demoralize… then
this thread is for you.
Use the comment box to relate your problem and I bet
solutions will be provided except problems relating to the old century.
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202 thoughts on “Drop Any Device Problem Here Let’s Solve it Together”

  1. Tried all my best to root Gionee pocket to no avail. framaroot, one click etc. Help me out Prof. I ve a rooted galaxy core but I just love the portability of the pocket. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for this opportunity, But prof my problem is with no device but my blog and am sorry to post it on this thread. Please how can i get 500 targeted daily visitors to my blog everyday. Thanks will be expecting your reply.

    • Write quality post, share it on different social media platform. Write a little review of it on Nairaland (the largest forum in africa) with a link back to your blog.

      If you are just starting out, you need a little bit of advertising either from FB or top blogs. Try as much as possible to be making relevant comment on blogs you love that has enough traffic with a link drop of your blog.

      What food is to the stomach is what traffic is to blogging. Make sure you don't copy and paste if not you may not soar high enough for search engine to recognise your blog. Have your own style of writing.

      Ask me more questions.

  3. First of all, on your blog, try as much as possible to avoid nude pics or write up if not you won't last long on adsense platform. Add popular post widget to ur sidebar. Go to linkwithin to get related post widget and also add FB like box to ur side bar.

    Secondly, there are other ways to make morning online through affiliate marketing. Go to Konga or Jumia and sign up for there affiliate marketing program.

    Thirdly, your L3 imei can be changed. Make sure it is rooted and then use the mobile uncle method to change ur imei.

  4. my Tecno P5 is not detecting any sim again for the past 3months now. I think a file is missing in the device that enables it to detect sim.. What should i do please?

    • To browse with MTN Night plan during the day, follow the below steps

      ==>Download this modified simple server here
      ==>extract the files inside it to a folder on your PC
      ==>Run the SimpleServer.exe and configure your browser to manual Proxy Port 8080
      ==>Tick "Use proxy server for all protocols" if you want it to open all secured sites.

  5. Mr. Yomi please i have been trying to unlock my ZTE AC2726 modem for 2years now but all to no avail. i have trie many softwares (cdma workshop included) but no luck. I will be very happy if you would please help me out.

  6. Please Yomi help me on how to root my GFive Blade X (F600).
    I have try not lease than 5 rooting ways and all to no avail. Plz help me

  7. my issue is how to change my samsung vibrant imei,i have done a lot of search but no solution yet.can u help me out….pls add me on whatsapp or telegram 08156495548.

    • Hello friend, at the moment, you can't alter your imei as a samsung user except if your device is mtk clone. However, I'm seriously working on how to make this imei changer possible for you samsung users. just give it a little more time.

    • Hello friend, sorry for late replies, but did you in anyway insert another memory card inside your phone? Was it still thesame or you currently don't have memory card on your phone… if you don't insert a new memory card inside your phone and try to install apps from play store. ANd make sure you update your play store to the latest version.

    • @anonymous ur pc offing itself can be as a result of d followings; weak/non working cooling fan, processor overheating, power button base panel auto working .. Engr Wale

    • @engr.this happens if I just on d system,it will boost nd then I put my password then it will just go off or sometimes hang or d screen will be multi color but 99% it off on its own wen I on it

    • Lol, you can't change your bold 5 operating system to bb10 but you can only upgrade your os to the current os7. You can use Glo bis on your bold 5 if you have pdanet installed on both pc and your phone.

    • if it can't be rooted with framaroot, it can be rooted with Vroot; but most techno f5 have seen so far are easily rooted with frama root. Did you make use of the latest framaroot.apk?

      But you can use vroot to root it here

  8. Neatly used HP Laptop for sale..windows 8…320Gig internal memory..2Gig Ram..& it comes wit a bag….call me 07033720721…i live in portharcourt.

    • If you've succeeded in rooting it, then I'll suggest you try Mobile uncle method of tweaking your imei, if you succeed, they glo bis will work on your device.

    • Don't mind all those illegal window update. Do this below

      Go to start menu>>>Control panel >>>System and security>>>Window update.
      click on "change settings" and set it to never check for update. After then, you data won't be illegally zapp.

  9. The lg500ghl is a lg java phone i followed the link to the you gave me for motorola g xt1031 . Pkease help me generate the lg unlock code, phone model lg500ghl imei 01250500186124804

    • Framaroot will do the job for you in minutes… just follow the tutorial below
      ==>Download framaroot here

      Install app

      3. turn on USB Debugging

      4.open app*frame root*

      5. select "'install SuperSu"' from dropdown

      6. Hit that button/exploit

      Thats done

      Reboot Your Device (a must)

  10. Pls yomi, Hw do I unlock my sunsung galaxy note 10.1 login password, my bros send it to me and he said he bought it dat way dat he doesn't hv the password. Hw help me on how to unlock it. Thanks as I await your reply.

    • Perform a hard reset on your device to be able to get into the device successfully:

      -Power off your device

      -Hold the volume up + power button

      -Release these buttons when you reach the boot menu

      -Use the volume keys on the boot menu to highlight the factory reset option

      -Press the power button in order to make the selection

      -After confirming the hard reset use the volume keys to highlight the reboot device option

      -Press the power button to make the selection to now reboot the device

      These steps will help you to factory reset your device to its factory out of the box settings.

  11. Hello prof kindly help with this l activated the glo plan after I change the imei but it only the up links that seems to be working down link not working, please help. Am thinking it apn issue but kindly do something please. My fone is tecno h5

  12. Hmm. That's gr8 prof. Am addicted to this place, God Bless your Hustle, pls prof, my ipad 2 got crashed and I don't have any cloud backup, so after restoring a new os 7.1.2 all my data and image went off, is there any ware I can get them back? I have seen a lot of apps that seems to restore lost data on iphone but non seems to work for me, most of them are not free apps, so prof pls which app will you recommend for me so that I will be abe to restore most especially my pics for free! Thanks in advance PROF

  13. Dear Prof, pls help me to unbrick my phantom A (f7) the first version. The ones I've seen doesn't work because they're for later release and not for the first version. Thanks

    • Do you have the cwm back up? If you do, it will be easier to recover but if you don't, then you'll need to get another f7, back it up and flash it to your device.

  14. hello pleas prof am try to root my Infinix x450 racebolt wit SRroot it complain dat my phone alredy root wit SUroot and my phone is nt root pleas help me.

  15. yomi thanks i really appreciate….i downloaded the link for the new mtn android s720i and when i click on the boromir it display this error message…..Fail try another exploit if available (error #9)….pls help me out on this yomi, is there anything am i doing wrong or something?…. have been waiting on your response for the past 2days pls……from Yusuf

    • @ anonymous ur new mtn android device.. Does it allow u to use 3g on second sim abi its only on mtn line bcus i knw if u dnt put mtn line on dt phone it wnt allow u to use anyother sim

    • Hello Yusuf, framaroot successfully rooted Mtn S720i but I dnt knw why you own seems not to root but an alternative way of rooting this device is to use a pc. Do you have a pc? If yes, then Vroot will work out for you.

  16. Hi prof. I ll be if happy you can share me a link to download step by step blogging tutorial in a pdf format. Also can WordPress be approved by adsense?

  17. good morning yomi…pls I havin been having a problem ov login into play store on my samsung galaxy s2 1727…I have tried all clearing the cache…. I have even done wipe factory reset using clockworkmod recovery but all to no avail…if u have any idea on how I can get my playstore working I'll be very greatfull …tanx….will be waiting for ur reply

  18. I got a fake s5 but looks like real one. I tried factory reset and the Samsung boot logo disappeared. It boots but displays android robot instead of Samsung and lately the keyboard started malfunctioning, it doesn't respond correctly. I tried touch pal keyboard, still same. I also did factory reset again, still same. What do I do?

  19. please Prof I can't root my tecno p3 with fararoot and super user please how can I root it

    I don't know how to create a blog please help me

    am a novice I want to starts making money online but I don't know how please help

    this is my email please send me the trick for MTN UNLIMITED CALLS [email protected]

    please add me on whatsapp 08166693365 I still have more and I want you to help me I just want a private chat

  20. Dear Prof, I thank you for your reply but, I don't have anyone with the the first (f7) but the later ones like A2. Pls will the backup of A2 work for it? Thanks.

  21. Prof is seems u been sleepin cus goin through i find out dat many questions has been left un-answered….oh dats by d way, i realy appreciate ur gud wrk. I hv a little prblm of which i wish 2 get a reply on hw 2 get rid of it, plz i tried 2 get opnvpn 4 my nokia E5 buh non wrked 4 me..even 4 my laptop, i downloaded about 6 buh non is workin…plz i need help…any one dat wish 2 help cn watsapp me wit di 08069265335..tnx

    • That's not true friend, I've been busy not sleeping…
      You can't install openvpn on Nokia phones except ss (simple server) Open server only works on iphone, android and pc.

  22. Prof! I read your replies.Your head is dere
    On my Rooted Xperia SP
    1) My fone isn't linking with obb file in d SD
    2) Pls I nid whr I can download custom rom for SP
    3) Will that ime changer work for me
    4) Link to Cracked version of PDANET for blackberry

  23. pls yomi prof my htcx515e is have network problem it dosn't draw network at all until u go under the mask and rooting also is deficult

  24. Good day Prof, I please need an advice as to speed up torrents download on my bold 9900. Im using bbtor as a torrent client.
    Thanx in advance

    • I'm in SA using vodacom and yes I have 3G. Im usind the BIS services, but now that you have aske that I think next month I'll havd to try mtn just to see how it is doing

  25. please Chris I have created the blog as you instructed me but I have no idea how to post on it ,how it works, or who will be seeing my post or where can post it, HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM IT, HOW TO POST LINKS PLEASE I KNOW NOTHING HELP ME PLEASE

    and please this is my email I need the cheat you mentioned in one of you post for MTN FREE CALLS

  26. and this is my email for the MTN FREE CALL STUFF
    [email protected]

    and back to my p3 wahala when I used fararoot it shows that my device is rooted, as for super user it just keep on updating the liberties and consuming my MB, I downloaded another rooting software called root master but and error keeps occurring at 50% ,and my root detector detected that my device is not properly rooted please I am just so confused if there is any way you can help me please help

    • there is nothing like mtn free calls, you visited that thread so late.

      Use root checker to check if its rooted or not. If its rooted, you'll still SU (Super user) and if it's not, you won't see it. Have you attempted rooting it before? with wat app

  27. please Prof add me on what's app please I need you at this time of life please I need to chat with you here is my number 08166693365

    please oh I can see some unanswered questions up the please I know you need to rest please I need you to answer

  28. Hello Yomi Prof,great work u doin here.
    Pls add me up on whatsapp with 08028257071 and can u pls help me unlock my airtel modem. Hauwei E173
    model: E173u-2

  29. Hello Yomi, how can I root my LG L70 android device please? And how can I use android app like instagram on my BlackBerry Q10? Lastly, have HTC mytouch 4G that would no go beyond start up Window when powered on. What can I do to bring it back to life plzzzzzzzzzzz?

  30. yomi openvpn isnt connecting again since yesterday evening for me with mtn 150mb…simple server still working but doesn't power everything like openvpn….help me,i still have mb in it…

  31. Hello Yomi. I am using the galaxy note 2 with version 4.3. then I saw someone with same galaxy note 2 with Kit Kat 4.4. Pls how can i upgrade to the 4.4 kitkat. thanks

    email:[email protected]
    whatsapp urgently needed

    • I don't think instagram support BlackBerry os 6 and 7 but go to play store and search for iGramn if u see it, download it and install it on ur device

  33. pls yomi i want u 2 decode dis, for the benefit of all ur viewers:
    sum1 is usin his fone (bold4) 2 browse (glo bis:BISMONTH to 777) usin bb desktop manager n he doesnt want me 2 no d config.i use a bold5 but he sed it doesnt wrk on bold 5,dat he evn had 2 sell his bold 5 2 get a bold 4 so as 2 use d cheat,i dnt no hw tru is dis n if dis wrks on oda ntwrks. prof yomi, ova 2 u

    is dia a way i can stabilize ntwrk on mi bold 5 cos it really flunctuates n sucks atm

  34. thanks a lot Prof you've been of a good help to me so far, thanks a lot it's as if it was because of me you posted this….
    please there's this one last thing I don't know how to do it, at the top of your site after the navbar, there's this black post with the following….. Home, mobile trick, biz tips, about, privacy policy, hire us, that's where my probs is I don't know how to put it in my blog, please help me Prof

  35. hello prof my blackberry torch 2 is always hot after using it, i have bought new original battery but same problem still continue pls help me. thanks

    • Some apps are running at the background. Just make sure no app is running at the background of your phone. set the network to 2GB. Don't open too many aps at a time.
      If it's set to 3G, network have a way of sapping your battery therefore making it hotttttttttt

  36. please Prof I help me I don't understand the main thing in linking my blog to a site how do I earn money with it
    how can I create the SUGGESTED POST I use to see beneath your post
    these are my wahalas

    hello Prof please are you there there have been a lot of unanswered questions please you have to answer me before you rest

    • Linking your blog helps your site to rank higher on search engine. Its very important you link.

      There are differnt ways you can earn from your blog ranging from affiliate marketing, google adsense, chitika etc…

      To create suggested post, go to linkwithin.com and create a related post widget for your blog.

    • Rooting gives you super user priviledge to install any app your want to install on your phone. There are some apps that won't allow you to install it on your phone because you dont' have the priviledge.
      Inshort you can't tweak your phone the way you want it without rooting.

  37. Dear prof is there an emulator that can run android games and I can change its model number, imei, serialnumber? I want to use it to earn credits and giftcards by downloading apps from GPT apps like whaff Cashpirate and Others.so I need to make different clones,then change their charachteristics so that I can download apps to earn credits.I have tried android x86 but whaff and cashpirate just know I am not using a physical device.I think it is because of having no imei and serial number.genymotion model number could not be changed so skipped it.I read your imei changing article so I am now downloading android sdk but I think you can give me useful tips.please help me:) thanks very much

  38. please Prof I don't know why you are not approving my comments so am writing this directly to you I don't want you to approve it but Prof please if I have offended you WITH my written speech am very sorry
    please Prof how do I link a. work or sentence to an URL, eg you if I click HERE I will be directed to a site please Prof help me
    and I don't know how to up load a photo to my post if I click on the photo icon, and upload from phone it will reply that I have no photos please help nd or how can I upload a picture through URL

  39. Hello Prof, Thanks for all your good works, Please how do I change the imei of Infinix x530.. I tried the mobile uncle method but it wasnt displaying CDS INFORMATION… and it was giving an error of no engineer mode.. Please I need it urgently

  40. pls sir I purchase MTn android fone s720i. is like it does not have notification light. like wen I received wasapp msg. the led color light does not show I want to kno if f fine has d feature

  41. good morning Prof, how was your night? I know it's Fine Well Prof I am bringing to you only three of my wahalas

    1:thanks a lot For the link within you gave me but I don't know how to add the suggested post

    2: prod am so mad at myself when I didn't know how to link a word or sentence in a body of my to a URL please help me

    3:and I don't know how to label my post, so I don't want all of them Jampacked on my home screen

    thanks a Lou Prof please help me and God will help you too, please Prof I need it urgently it's almost an emergency..

  42. Hello Prof, thanks for all the good things. Can you please help me with how to root my tecno phantom z? I have tried virtually every rooting tool-towel root, vroot, root genius, framaroot, oneclick root, kingo, etc and what have you. Waiting please. And thanx once again.

  43. After formatting my BB 8520(curve 2) device I lost my Word, PowerPoint and PDF softwares since then I have not been able to get it running on my fone again. What can I do?

    • This free one gig data is given freely by MTN telecom to their subcribers and their is not any need tweaking it. but I think they should give it to Ghana subscribers tooo… However, YF rocks in Ghana

  44. Hi Prof, would you kindly assist me in unlocking my Etisalat customized network on my Tecno H3..i will appreciate, thanks


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