Airtel Offers More Data, 4.5GB Now Costs N2000

The battle line has been drawn, and it is the survival of
the fittest. Airtel has proven to be one of the fastest networks in Nigeria
even though rumors have it that they are working on implementing 4G LTE in
Nigeria. Just updating my information bank as usual when I stumbled on this
information and I know surfers like you reading this will love it.

Airtel NG seems to have readjusted their data plan 4.5GB for
N2, 000
which looks tempting. But if you have been following these data trends, especially
from Airtel, you’ll
notice that 2GB plan used to go for N2, 000; but now it gives you whooping
4.5GB for N2, 000. 
How can I get this plan?
It’s simple, just load your SIM with N2,000 airtime and dial
Airtel is fast and I can attest to that… Etisalat is fast
and I Can attest to that,
but Baba glow slowly that I can’t vouch for. Only
go for this plan if you have a strong etisalat network in your
location. Note that this is not a blackberry plan… this is a normal plan that
works on all devices.
Meanwhile, Weekend plan of N100 for 1GB still rock… the best plan ever on the Airtel data table.
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  1. It works like charm. I saw the advert on Airtel… Just needed to confirm it if zap data or not. by the way, nice template Yomi


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