Facebook Partner Airtel NG For Free Basic Internet

is a  good initiative if it is not
tampered with by the government. This was done in Egypt, but the government
later blocked it. India government snubbed the Offer from Facebook. The
question is will Nigerian Government block this development later in the

founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg took to his page yesterday to announce Free Basic
Internet in Nigeria. In his words, 
we’re partnering with Airtel Africa to launch Internet.org Free Basics in

a lot of innovation across Africa right now, and Nigeria in particular is home
to a lot of talented developers.
Basics offers Nigerians, including 90 million people who are currently offline,
the opportunity to access news, health information and services like Jobberman
that were built by Nigerians and other developers across West Africa — all
without having to pay for data.
Basics is now live in more than 40 countries, and half of those are in Africa.”
other words, you can browse the internet free of charge without any data charge
using your airtel sim.
Can I Enjoy Free Basic Internet?
Free Basic Android apps here or visit freebasics.com on your phone with a sim
card from Airtel.
you using it? What do you think?
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3 thoughts on “Facebook Partner Airtel NG For Free Basic Internet”

  1. U will automatically see the it if u are browsing with airtel sim. So u can choose either free Facebook or with paid data. The free Facebook doesn't show pictures and video. Good for those who refused to buy mb.


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