How to Change MTK Android 6.0 Marshmallow & Stubborn Android IMEI Easily

me comb your hair with this, for those of you finding it difficult to change
your IMEI on your MTK Android phone or you just got yourself a new device that
comes pre-loaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and you’ve tried all you could to
change your IMEI but to no avail. 

perhaps  your Android device is proving
stubborn to tweak despite the facts that its an MTK device. Stay calm and follow
me carefully as I guide you through the following steps.
of all, I’m going to present you with the simplest way of changing your MTK Android 6.0 IMEI or stubborn android device.
your phone rooted. (if you need guide, request below)
Chamelephone app here or here
>> Dial *#06# and  copy out your original IMEI,  keep it in a save place.
Follow These Steps Below;
Run and install the downloaded Camelephon app on your device
Step 2: Open the installed Chamelephon>>
Click on Authorize if asked for root access as seen below 
Step 3: The first box is for the
IMEI of the sim 1, if you are using a dual sim phone. And the second box for
Sim 2.
Step 4: Make sure you have already generated the IMEI you
wish to replace it with.


To change IMEI with chamelephon, you must have to provide two
valid IMEI for both spaces provided. Meaning to change IMEI of sim one, you
must change that of sim 2 as well
Step 5: Paste your new IMEI”s in the spaces provided and hit
the “Apply new IMEI ” button.
Step 6: Confirm the change
Put your device in flight mode or reboot it for the new IMEI
to take effect. Dial *#06# to view your new IMEI.
If you are still confused, do ask your question using the
comment box.
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15 thoughts on “How to Change MTK Android 6.0 Marshmallow & Stubborn Android IMEI Easily”

  1. Am in deep shit bro… My fone is lollipop ..gionee marathon m5.. I tried d app for d mata.. Omo i change d 2 imei .. Only sim2 nai de show invalid..

    I don put sims tire

    • Hello Isibor, you are not in any shit, just chil, repeat the process to fix your imei. Generate new imei, and change the two imei at thesame time.

  2. Thanks prof . There is a saying dat if sometin nor happen u nor go learn new tin..

    Becos my sim 2 was showin invalid.. I had to google and frm an indian guy post..i saw hw to change sim 2 ..using mtk engineering.. EM.. 1.10 " before i do use dat same EM 1.7 "

    my fone is cool now i even change am to bbq10 imei for dat airtel 1000 3gb …
    So i now use glo 6gb for sim 1 bbamonth double… And sim 2 airtel 3gb… Totalling 9gb

    i come de even happy sey dat tin happen

    thnks prof


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