Is This The End of VisaFone? MTN NG Buy Visafone To Expand Market

Is this  the end of Visafone? I’ve been
suspecting this for a very long time that something fishy is about to happen to
this company. You too look at it, its absolutely abnormal to be giving
10 terrabyte to Blackberry user for 1k when other network are giving mere 2GB.

Just surfing via tech news when I stumbled on
this on independent online here  and fin24.comthat “MTN Group  has started the process of buying closely held
Visafone Communications of Nigeria, as it seeks to expand in its largest
market, according to two people familiar with the matter.”


Remember about 3 weeks ago, Visafone across the
22 states lay off  more than 10,000 of their
staffs without any notice… leaving the workers wondering in the state of quandary…

Though official announcement has not been
made by MTN or Visa fone but an insider disclosed this.

What’s your take on this?

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17 thoughts on “Is This The End of VisaFone? MTN NG Buy Visafone To Expand Market”

  1. oh! how i wish this could solve the mater about using MTN BIS on Android. abeg oga Yomi, please o! i dont know whats wrong with my etisalat paygo sim. i just recharged 100 now and was given 5mb so, i insert the sim into my modem and connects to the internet buh it just sucked all the airtime with the 5mb leaving just 0.49mb as usual buh it hasnt connects me to the net since then meanwhile, the 0.49mb is still stucked there. pls, what should i do?

  2. pls how do i use proxifier on my system cos anytime i use proxifier my Mozilla will not browse but if i disable it then it will start browsing and i want to use other application too on the network. I'm talking about mtn bb10

  3. its a gionee p3 fone.. i was tryin to change the recovery image of the for to a custom cwm recovery i downloaded using flashify app.. den it asked me to reboot i rebooted the fone.. any tym it trys to reboot it goes off and reboot again… i tried bootin to recovery but it doesnt work it will just reboot it sef again.. plss any remedy

    • I understand all ur stories.. which means u didn't back up ur rom before installing d recovery image u downloaded online. You'll need to get another p3, make a nandroid back with cwm recovery image and flash it to ur bricked fone.


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