How Have You Been Making Payments Online?

This is a burning question and I guess a lot of you too must
have wanted to ask same question. Buying online has become a normal thing for
most of us especially those who buy from foreign sight like ebay, amazon, gearbest, AliExpress etc.

But ever since when limitation has been placed on most of
the master cards used online, some of us have been unable to make purchases
online. Even if your card is linked with Nigerian PayPal, once your purchases
exceed a particular amount, it will be decline.
GTB master card has limitation of $100 per month, Access has
limitation of $200 per month; but I have been making use of my Dollar Master Card and that has been bailing me out of all my online transaction.
So those of you who doesn’t have Dollar Master Card, how
have you been making your online purchases from foreign sites?
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39 thoughts on “How Have You Been Making Payments Online?”

  1. It's been really difficult purchasing online since the limitations. I use GTB, I survive by using multiple GTB accounts to effect payments only with PayPal, i go arround asking friends who bank with GTB for their card details, i'll link it to my PayPal, then credit 33k to it before I can make payments. with PayPal, I deal and renegotiate price with the seller before I effect payments. So it's been going well, just that I fear make them no Gba me someday….

  2. I have lots of coupons from DHgate due to that. my card isnt accepted, so I let the coupons expire away… $100 just expired yesterday cos I need to purchase upto $120 product.

    nigeria is a mess. DOM account sef is rubbish cos I need to buy dollars from the street to deposit. what a rubbish

  3. Bros Yomi, e be like say GTB no dey allow online transaction (foreign) on naira master card again o. I have been buying from even december last yr, I ordered for stuff using same GTB card. But for a couple of days, I dey try same card on same gearbest, e dey bounce, saying CARD NOT ACCEPTED BY PAYPAL. I think say na my firefox, i had to switch to chrome, same thing. Pls what do u think is going on?


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