What Has Been Your Experiences so Far With Twinkas?

You don’t need any soothsayer to tell you that this is the
era of Ponzi schemes but woe betide you if you fall for the wrong one. 
I know the risk attached to it, so I was willing to take the
risk… so far, the risk has been worthwhile.

A lot of people are silently into twinkas but wouldn’t make
mention of it. Twinkas has been on since last year and its still waxing
stronger. You have your own experiences with it and I also have mine too, so I’m
just going to use the few minutes at my disposal to share my experiences so far
with twinkas.
Twinkas promises to give you 100% of your investment within
21 days but you are likely to be paid before that 21 days. I started with the
N50,000 package and was paid within 8 days, I tried it again and was paid
within 10 days.
So far so good, I have made more than N400,000 from twinkas
between January 8 and February 21, 2017.
For now, the N5,000, 10,000 packages are being paid exactly
21 days or more. Only the N20,000 and N50,000 packages are paid before 21 days.
I can’t categorically tell you when it will pack up or crash
but you do it at your own risk.
Those of you into twinkas, tell us your
experiences so far.

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57 thoughts on “What Has Been Your Experiences so Far With Twinkas?”

  1. I really haven't tried it but a friend of mine has been doing it, and it pays. Mr. Yomi, Can you please post any other one that is recent and also pays?

  2. I love twinkas, i have made more than a million naira from it. But within 1 month. But i doing a better network that pays faster. Maximum 3-4 days. They operate just like twinkas and they just started newly. To succeed in this ponza game you must start early and no when to escape…..

    • youngman/woman read before u advertise yr level of comprehension… he said he has made over a million, he didn't say there is a million package. for yr info, one of my friends has made over 7m from twinkas…

      Civilian Col. ufedo

    • Whatever you have in your wallet is just your bonus. It has nothing to do with the package you go for. Within 21 days, two other people will be paired to you and will pay you.

      Just relax and wait for it.

  3. Liars,how can you make over 1 million or even 7 million within a month in twinkas? Highest package is 50,000. How many accounts did you open? You think we don't have sense of reasoning?

  4. the answer is simple, i created multiple account with 50k package… please stop doubting because i have come accross someone that has made over 14m million in less than 14 days… i implemented his process and it worked for me.. i dont know about you….

  5. I joined using the N50k packag over 5weeks now I have not been paired, pls hat do I do am forstrated and helpless and have even written to support

    • They've changed their policy again. You don't need to do the 5K package again. Just wait until when you are paired with two other people to pay you.

      However, being paired is now taking long than necessary


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