Black Out: Say A Word of Prayer For My Family

Hello every one, I guess we are all having a nice Thursday…
but as for me, I am not. I just had a black out and I want you to say a word of
prayer for family. I just lost my sister and it is actually terrible news. It
has demented me, demoralize me and at the moment, I’m so shocked!

All those who have pending unanswered questions either
through direct email or comment box, just patient I’ll answer and respond to
all your emails. 
Say a word of prayer for my family and I pray you won’t lose
anyone in your family  or relation.

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76 thoughts on “Black Out: Say A Word of Prayer For My Family”

  1. eeyah, im so sorry Prof, May God keep the family Together and may the departed rest in perfect peace of God. please accept my condolences. Amodu Razaq

  2. Oops.

    I feel your pain and distress bro and I pray God wont let such type of demise happen again in your family.

    Don't let it hold you down even though it might be worth it Cuz this is Blood not just friend.
    Keep strong and be a good son to your parents cuz right now they need u and will be hoping on u.

    Be strong and keep pushing.

    May Her Soul Rest In Peace

  3. Please my brother take heart, God gives and He takes, no one can question His actions but I believe your sister has gone t rest away from this wicked world; you love her but remember God loves her more… I indeed sympathize with you and your family…

  4. So sorry about it bro. I pray God himself will console u and ur family. From now on, no evil shall befall u n ur family. Just believe in God. Accept my heartfelt condolence

  5. Prof! The deed is done, you just have to take heart… May her soul rest in perfect peace and i pray God be with your family and this will never happen again… This is a condolence from Prince Delly (08038016735) and from all those in the groups….

  6. The death of a dear one,
    whether timely or not,
    is a trying time for those
    who know that the world
    will not be the same without
    their presence.

    "She is now but
    only a wilted Rose,
    its fragrance a reminder
    of such sweet beauty.
    In yours hearts I know
    she will be eternally abloom.

    Take heart my dear good friend
    and my warmest condolence
    to your entire family

  7. Oh no. Not again. Sorry for the loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hope you bear the loss. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. RIP to your sister.

  8. They say I'm sorry for your loss
    They say your heart will mend
    They say you're in a better place,
    and death is not the end.

    They say you're reunited
    with loved ones gone before.
    They say that you'll be waiting
    when I walk through heaven's door.

    I feel their love in every word
    of comfort they impart,
    and know that each is spoken
    from deep within the heart.

    But all the words of comfort,
    though kind, sincere, and true,
    can't take away the emptiness
    you're feeling without her.

    May her soul rest in the bosom
    of the lord.

  9. May the Good Lord, the author and finisher of our destinies and consular of the heart broken bring peace, love and strength to you and your family.

    May her soul rest in the peace of the Lord.
    accept my condolence

  10. Thank you every one for your words of encouragement and all prayers. I am so greatful. You are all much more valuable to me than money. I really appreicate you all! and I pray you'll never encounter something like this in your family too in Jesus Name! Amen.

  11. i have not met you personally, but as a benefeciary of your generous efforts to help with cheap browsing, i say accept my condolences my brother and be of good cheer for she is gone to a better place…good night prof.


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