HMD Global Bringing Back Nokia N Series

Like we earlier predicted that Nokia might be reviving the old Nokia N series just like 3310 was revived on 3G and 4G variants.

We’ve also seen HMD Global bring back the Nokia 8110 dubbed as Nokia banana first seen in 1996 and once again, HMD Global is bringing back then Nokia X-series and N-series.

The company’s Weibo account posted a commemorative post about the Nokia N series and how it was launched on April 27 2005, 13 years ago. On that day at a press conference in Amsterdam the Finns unveiled the Nokia N70, N90 and N91.

nokia n series

The teaser however didn’t mention the N series model that might be unveiled, the accompanying image suggests the Nokia N8 might be the right candidate.

From the image above, you’ll notice that is Nokia N8, a legendary camera phone best loved phone of all time. This time around, we are expecting to see something more advance with good specification running on Android OS.

Details about the N-series coming back is still sketchy but the launch event is expected to take place between April 27th and May 2.


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16 thoughts on “HMD Global Bringing Back Nokia N Series”

  1. Seems like a good move to me. Instead of working with basic titles like (Nokia 6) and remixing same basic titles (Nokia 6 2018), they should just scour through their past titles and give them the android revamp. The consumers would love every bit of it.

  2. I don’t understand Nokia’s mission in bringing old phones back
    They should be coming up with something new na
    The Nokia N series was the best in its time
    Not now biko even though it will be in android

  3. I once a fan of Nokia N8 but I eventually settled for Nokia X6 then bcos N8 was too pricey.
    Nice to see N8 in Android cloth

  4. Nokia N8 most amazing quality wasn’t the design or the camera as we all remember it, but Symbian it was running, sorry to be a vibe killer but that which is coming whatever they chose to call it, is not the N8 we used and still love so much, just another Android device.

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